Ottawa Ice Regatta
Team Name: Rusty Dragons
Saturday February 9, 2019 in Ottawa (Dow's Lake)
Rusty Dragons logo - view of Toronto skyline in black silhouette, with orange sky and blue water.

We participated in the first ever Ice Dragon Boat Festival in North America in 2017, and again in 2018.  We are returning again for a third year as we had a lot of fun at this unique event.  Last year there were 100 teams and it was sold out - and this year there are 100 teams again and it will sell out again. The event also takes place during Ottawa's Winterlude (Feb 1 to 18).

Each team consists of 10 "paddlers", a steersperson, and a drummer. The boats are rigged with skis and we will use special ice stick "paddles". Practices will be held Friday so we can get used to the boats. Each team gets 3 races and competes in divisions like a regular festival. Click the red button below to register.  We will register up to 11 members per team - A festival steer will be used if needed.

Cost: $95 per person  (team registration fee of $847.50 / 10 paddlers plus $10).  
Latest News (Oct. 10):  Registration is still open via the red registration button below, but there are just a few empty seats left so act quickly if you are interested!  You may register for one team (mixed or women, OR, you can register for both in same registration form).  Note that registering for two teams means you are paying $85 x 2 + $10 = $180.  Otherwise, registering for one team is the posted $95 registration fee. 

>> THIS IS GOING TO SELL OUT SOON - so don't wait if you are interested!!
2019 "RUSTY DRAGONS" Teams
Two teams will be formed - a MIXED team and a WOMEN'S team.

Women's team:​
 (steer Anita Leonne)
   1. Susan Gropp
   2. Dana Quinn.
   3. Diane Gropp
   4. Rebecca Newton.
   5. Nancy Martin.
   6. Lilia Marshe.
   7. Christine Seki.
   8. Louise Granahan.
   9. Anwesha Sen
 10. Shalini V.
 11. Lauren Cannon
Mixed team:​
 (Steer: TBD)
   1.  Tim MacFarlane.
   2.  Raymond Martin.
   3.  Scott Jenkins
   6. Anita Leonne
   7. Nancy Martin.
   8. Una Gould
   9. Joan Wilson.
 10. April Heighway.
 11. Sharye Marcus
Picture of three of the participation medals from the event, with background being red souvenir jersey that has every participant's name on it.
2017 Team paddlers:​

   1. Una Gould
   2. Melodie Mortensen
   3. Diana Johnson-Santos
   4. Jeff B Santos
   5. Bob So
   6. Lise McKay
   7. Scott Jenkins
   8. Michael Warwick 
   9. Michael Carsell
 10. Marleah Corbin

Coach: Tim MacFarlane
Drummer: JoAnn Moore
(c) 2018 Rusty Dragons Adventures Inc.
2018 Team paddlers:​

   1. Una Gould
   2. Shalini V
   3. Neera Shukla
   4. Emily King
   5. Tim MacFarlane
   6.  Mike Carsell
   7. Scott Jenkins
   8. Babar A   

Coach: Festival Steer
Drummer: Guest