Congratulations to ALL teams and paddlers who raced at the 2018 Canada Day Regatta on Toronto's Centre Island on Sunday, July 1st.  It has been declared the BEST YET for many reasons (not just shiney new medals).  Results and race video links will be posted soon!

What's next?
 - KOKOPELLI is new team recruiting and starting Sunday July 15th.  Register now!
 - Motley Crew & Pink Crusaders continue their season (some seats available).
 - OPS Guns n Roses started their season July 5th (Thursdays) - team is full.

New in 2018: Once-a-month video review integrated into ALL programs!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We also help others form teams by giving them whatever support they need through the use of shared resources; website pages, budget templates, Survey Monkey Pro for registrations, PayPal and budgeting, booking practices, hiring coaches, etc.

Have questions?  Have an idea for a new team you need help with? 

Contact Tim MacFarlane 
Cell: 647-971-7332, E-mail: 
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My first ever regatta in 2002, and still racing there today in 2014!
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The Rusty Dragons offer a very unique range of coached and collective teams.  We love this sport! We are more than a club and consider ourselves a community organization.  We also support other teams as well as help run events, notably the DDRA (OPS) Canada Day Regatta.  We built our reputation on good sportsmanship and having a passion for making dragon boat racing accessible to ANYONE.  We have a great network of business partners, paddlers, and coaches who help make this non-profit initiative fun and rewarding.  Anyone is welcome to join us full-time or on the side as an extra to your current team.  No one has lower fees.  All our teams are looking for new paddlers, and no experience is required.  Pick the one that fits your interest and schedule, and we'll take it from there.  All programs offer a full money-back guarantee - if you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, let us know before the third practice - no questions asked.  
CLUB WIDE MESSAGES (updated June 24th, 2018):

Registration is still open for some of our 2018 teams, including NEW team Kokopelli.  
No experience is required - anyone is welcome!

Registration Status for our recruiting teams (click on the team name on menu at left for more details)...
 > Kokopelli - Registration now open!  This new team has 1.5 hour practices and races in Stratford.
 > Harbord Village - Program is now over for season - they placed 2nd place (silver) on Canada Day!
 > Motley Crew - This team continues their season after winning the Canada Day Regatta!
 > Pink Crusaders - This team continues past Canada Day and is still recruiting a few more paddlers.
 > MTCS Oars to Discover - Program is now over for season, but many continued with Guns n Roses.
 > OPS Guns n Roses (started July 5th) - Coach Natalie is taking this (full) team through to September!
 > U of T Library of Conquest - Coach Ann and captain Jack led the team to 2nd (silver) on Canada Day.
 > One Gorgeous Boat - Demonstrated their strong paddling on Canada Day by winning B Division gold.
 > Rusty Belles (Canada Day) - Won Bronze medals on Canada Day & participated in Flower Ceremony..
 > LP Dragons - The team's first regatta on Canada Day resulted in Silver medals in Women's Race..
 > OPS Muskrats - **NEW** 27 Km Paddle down the Grand River on Sat. Aug. 25th.   It's not a race!
 > Philadelphia - October 6th. Open to any paddler anywhere in North America - 4 registered.
 > Trinidad & Tobago - **NEW** Pan Am Club Crew Championships (March 19-24, 2019) - 12 registered.

 > **NEW** Stay tuned for details on our new team for youth & young adults with a developmental disability.

Want to host your own dragon boat party for a group of up to 20 or 40 people?  A birthday party? Contact us to arrange this.   We are arranging up to a dozen time slots that are available to book a fully supported event.

We also help create NEW teams to practice and race, or create one-off team-building evenings / weekends for any organization looking to get out on the water and enjoy the sport. Anyone can enjoy the sport and we can help make it happen!  For more information please contact or call 647-971-7332.  Now is the time to plan!  The cost for a group of up to 20 for a two hour intro to dragon boating (one hour on land, one hour on water) is under $250 ($12 a person) and the use of paddles and life jackets is included.  We can also help create teams with 8 practices (once a week in evenings), and race on Canada Day for about $150/person.

New in 2018:  We will pre-set several dates available to run Corporate Team Building for anyone interested. 
You can't beat our variety, cost, and passion for the sport.  ALL teams welcome new and experienced paddlers. Join our diverse club and experience the thrill of dragon boating.  See the menu at left for all our team pages.