Winter Training @ Afterburn Fitness
Program: Saturdays (12 weeks): 7:30-9:30 AM, January 6th to March 24th,  Cost: $168
Indoor winter training is a key part of any dragon boater's preparations for a successful season, no matter what level of team you paddle for.  Motley Crew team member Lolita Uy has arranged this training program with Andrew Liew at Afterburn Fitness.  They have a gym for circuit training and a specially built paddle pool that closely simulates paddling a dragon boat. Video review will also be incorporated into the program on a regular basis.

The cost is $168 for the 12-week program. The program includes an hour of circuit training with a fitness instructor (Terence Yu), and an hour of pool paddling with a dragon boat coach (Andrew Liew).  The program is designed to push you technically and physically, but at your own pace.  Anyone is welcome.

We still have a few more spots available if you would like to try it once or join us the rest of the way (pro-rated cost).  
If you are interested, please contact LOLITA at: lolitauy65 @

If you have any other questions, contact Tim via e-mail ( or phone (647-971-7332).
Latest News (March 2nd):  We have just 4 sessions left of the 12 in the program.  Fitness coach Terence Yu is working us in the gym with cardio and strength exercises, and pool paddling coach Andrew Liew is progressing us on our full stroke.  Please contact Lolita if you have any questions, or to join us. 

We also did some bench marking at the start of our program: A two-minute row on the rowing ergs (total distance), and also a bench press test (low to medium weight (how many reps in succession).  This is not a test, but a baseline for the individual paddler to compare to later.  We are also receiving video taken at almost every practice.  We will repeat the bench marking at the end of the program for comparison.

 1. Lolita Uy.         13. Wendy Auger.
 2. Mike Carsell.      14. Anitha Cyriac.
 3. Shalini V.         15. Gustavo Gil.
 4. Ilona Perkins.     16. B. A.
 5. Jack Leong.        17. Lukasz Kurek.
 6. Janelle Rose.      18. Ashley Williams.
 7. Susan Bouza.       19. Brenda Johansen.
 8. Tim MacFarlane.    20. Maria Dorsey.
 9. Tracey Jensen.     21. Diane Gropp.
10. Kelly Ziger.       22. Lorraine Malloy.
11. Tam Seto (guest).  23. Susan Gropp.
12. Estelle Rulton.    24. Simona Burlacu.
 Members (2018)

​Start your season here... Fitness and Pool Paddling
​Start your season here... Fitness and Pool Paddling
The Monday crew at the March 17th training session on St Patrick's Day.
15 of our 26 paddlers (2014) hamming it up for the camera!
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 1. Albert Fong             12. Lolita Uy
 2. Baxter Cutinha          13. Mike Carsell
 3. Charmaine Cutinha       14. Shalini Venkataramaiah
 4. Collette Valliear       15. Shivonne Skinner
 5. Heeduk Choi             16. Sonya Gotziaman
 6. Ilona Perkins           17. Susan Bouza
 7. Jack Leong              18. Tam Seto
 8. Janelle Rose            19. Theresa Seto
 9. Janice Lambrakos        20. Tim MacFarlane
10. Jennifer Wentworth      21. Tracey Jensen
11. Kelly Ziger             22. Wendy Auger
 Members (last year)