This special team is for women who want some extra practices and races on the side from their regular teams.  This will generally consist of two or three separate opportunities each year, which include the following in 2018... 

Regatta #1: Toronto Women's Dragon Boat Regatta.
     > Sunday, May 27th at Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton. 
     > Cost: $51.  Coach: Maria Halavrezos
     > Results:  The team had a great day - racing 500m, 200m knockouts, and 2000m.  Placed 2nd place (silver) in "C" Division.

Regatta #2:  DDRA Canada Day Regatta - Women's Race.
     > Sunday, July 1st at Toronto Island.
     > Cost: $30.  Coach: Peter Polyzotis.
     > Status (June 19):  Contact Lolita Uy via e-mail to register for this team.

Regatta #3:  Christie Lake??
     > Saturday, September 22 at Christie Lake Conservation Area, Hamilton.

"Rusty Belles" graphics (words in bold letters)
Coach: Maria Halavrezos

 1. Lolita Uy. (c)  (Motley Crew).
 2. Shalini V.      (OPS Guns n Roses)
 3. Nancy Spies.    (Pink Crusaders)
 4. Wendy Auger.    (Motley Crew)
 5. Estelle Rulton. (Motley Crew)
 6. Anitha Cyriac.  (Motley Crew)
 7. Lori Duclos.    (Pink Crusaders)
 8. Simona Burlacu. (Motley Crew)
 9. Brenda Johansen.(Motley Crew)
10. Diane Gropp.    (UT Library of Conquest)
11. Ruth Dougherty  (Philadelphia flying phoenix)
13. Janelle Rose    (Motley Crew)
14. Christine Seki  (Pink Crusaders)
15. Susan Gropp     (UT Library of Conquest)
16. Theresa Seto    (Outer Harbour)
17. Lorraine Malloy (Pink Crusaders)

Payment can be made in many ways, including via Interac e-mail transfer to, or by PayPal / credit card using the grey "Buy This" button below. You can also arrange to pay by cheque or cash in person (contact Tim as listed below to arrange). Payment via credit card or PayPal will have an added $1.75 service charge added.

If you have any questions, please contact...
     - Lolita Uy at, or 
     - Tim MacFarlane at or cell 647-971-7332.
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​(c) 2018 Rusty Dragons Adventures Inc.
Coach: Maria Halavrezos

 1. Lolita Uy (c)       (Motley Crew).
 2. Margaret Chui       (former Motley Crew)
 3. Kim Saggu           (One Gorgeous Boat)
 4. Judi Bonner         (One Gorgeous Boat).
 5. Nancy Martin        (Pink Crusaders).
 6. Theresa Seto        (Motley Crew).
 7. Wendy Auger         (Motley Crew).
 8. Geri Arellano-Sison (Pink Crusaders).
 9. Maria Dorsey        (Miller Magic).   
10. Brenda Johansen     (Miller Magic)
11. Anitha Cyriac       (Motley Crew).
 2017 Heart Lake team members (and their home team) - Team captain indicated with "(c)".

12. Alice Goulet      (Pink Crusaders).
13. Jane Wilson       (Pink Crusaders).
14. Jan Lambrakos     (Motley Crew).
15. Janelle Rose      (Motley Crew).
16. Collette Valliear (Motley Crew).
17. Stephanie McLean  (MTCS Oars to Discover)
18. Julie McPhail     (Pink Crusaders)
19. Jackie deVisser   (In Sink).
20. Shanthi Kuruvilla (MTCS Oars to Discover).
21. Kelly Ziger       (Motley Crew).
22. Estelle Rulton    (Motley Crew).
Coach: Peter Polyzotis

 1. Lolita Uy.       (Motley Crew)
 2. Anitha Cyriac    (Motley Crew)
 3. Wendy Auger      (Motley Crew)
 4. Janelle Rose     (Motley Crew)
 5. Simona Burlacu.  (Motley Crew)
 6. Brenda Johansen  (Motley Crew)
 7. Estelle Rulton   (Motley Crew)
 8. Diane Gropp      (U of T Library of Conquest)
 9. Susan Gropp      (U of T Library of Conquest)
10. Shalini V.       (MTCS Oars to Discover)
11. Janice Lambrakos. 
12. Lily Romanelli.
13. April Heighway   (Motley Crew)
14. Ilona Perkins.   (Motley Crew)
15. Jovelyn Ybanez   (Motley Crew)
16. Kelly Ziger      (MOtley Crew)
17. Maria Dorsey     (Motley Crew)
18. Sandra Derencinovic (Motley Crew)