The details for this collective team experience are now almost finalized, as it appears we have enough people interested to try to form a full team.  This is not just open to Rusty Dragons but any interested paddlers.  Thank you to Elsa Olarte and Charlene Spiteri of Sinai Lightning for helping make this trip a reality!

Registration is NOW OPEN!   Register ASAP by clicking on the red "Click HERE to Register Now" button below.

Payment is $110 Canadian and it should be paid right after registration via any of the following methods (e-mail receipts are sent regardless of method)...
 - PREFERRED: Interac e-mail transfer to
 - Cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" and mailed to: 76 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2L7.
 - Cash in person - contact Tim MacFarlane at to arrange, or Elsa / Charlene from Sinai Lightning.
 - Credit card is accepted online by via PayPal.  Contact Tim to arrange - 2.5% service charge added ($114 total).
 - Credit or Debit card in person via swipe on our POS device. Contact Tim to arrange - 1.5% service charge added ($112 total). 

It looks like most will be leaving for Philadelphia Friday morning (Oct 5th) and leave Sunday afternoon (Oct 7th).  Note that this is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (Monday October 8th is a statuary holiday).  But each person can stay and leave any time they like.  Everyone is responsible to find their own accommodations, but we (Charlene) will help with that where possible by sharing what others are doing.

We are also looking into a jersey for the event, which may be an additional ~$25 cost or less.
Philadelphia DB Festival
Racing: Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 17th annual Philadelphia Dragon Boat Festival.

This is a collective team of interested experienced paddlers from anywhere in North America.  The Rusty Dragons are partnering with the Sinai Lightning team and others to work together and bring a full team to this festival (of over 110 teams).

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Registration is now OPEN - Click this button to open up the online registration form.

 1. Tim MacFarlane
 2. Shalini V
 3. Anita Leonne
 4. Christine Seki
 5. Elsa Olarte
 6. Beau Rabishaw
 7. Charlene Spiteri
 8. Jason Fisico
 9. Kimberly Ondo


 Team Members (2018) Registration OPEN as of Mar.25th, 2018