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Racing at the OPS (DDRA) Canada Day Regatta on Toronto Island

Practices (8): Balmy Beach, 6-7pm, Thursdays, May 10 / 17 / 24 / 31, June 7 / 14 / 21 / 28
Regatta (1): Racing at the OPS (DDRA) Canada Day Regatta, Sunday July 1st at Toronto Islands
Coach: TBD,  Captains: Christian Mueller
The year 2018 is the sixth year for this team centered on the Harbord Village community which has been Rusty Dragon's founder Tim MacFarlane's home for 35 years.  While recruiting will focus on registering paddlers who live or work in the area, it is not restricted in who can join the team.  NO experience is required in any way. Our coach will take you from never having sat in a dragon boat to racing on Canada Day.  The objective is for this to be a fun experience for everyone (men or women of ANY age, and young adults aged 14 and up).  

This team is also fully supportive of blind and partially sighted paddlers.  This team will race at the 135th annual DDRA Canada Day Regatta at Toronto's Centre Island on July 1st (YES, 135th annual - it started in 1884 for canoe/kayak and rowing teams, and dragon boats were added in 2003).  The non-profit registration fee includes all practices and race day as well as use of life jackets and paddles.  It also includes a $5 donation in support of the Spirit Challenge teams at the DDRA Canada Day Regatta (teams for individuals with developmental disabilities).

If you have any questions, contact Tim via e-mail ( or phone (647-971-7332).
Practices (8): 
l Dates: Thursdays, May 10 / 17 / 24 / 31 and June 7 / 14 / 21 / 28.
l Location:  Balmy Beach Canoe Club (see the Practice Site page).
l Equipment:  Paddles and life jackets available for use at the practice site for no cost.
l Objective:  Learn how to paddle a dragon boat, practice teamwork, get fitter, and have FUN.

Race Day (1): 
l Date:  Sunday July 1st (Canada Day).  The day starts at 8:00am and ends about 5:00pm.
l Location:  Allan A. Lamport Regatta Course on Toronto's Centre Island (Centre Island ferry).
l Objective:  Experience the thrill of racing other crews and having FUN with fellow paddlers, 
                      with family and friends cheering from shore and the grandstands!

Cost:  $152  (or $142 is paid by Friday, March 9th). 

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                            Note that $5 from this fee is a charity donation towards Spirit Challenge teams.                  
Latest News (January 18, 2018):  
Registration for this team is NOW OPEN!!  It is open to anyone on a first-come-first-served basis, and no prior experience is required.

We are looking for up to 24 paddlers to become part of this team and train together once-a-week for May and June and then race at the Canada Day Regatta on Toronto Island (Sunday July 1st).  Caroline Cook of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club will be returning as the 2018 coach of the Harbord Village team. Caroline will prepare the team over 8 weeks to race at the Canada Day regatta.  Last year we designed new jerseys and had 4 sponsors.

The Harbord Village Residents Association (HVRA) has a dedicated web page for our team, and team member Leslie Thompson wrote a great article there about the team last year. Click HERE or the HVRA logo top right of this page to see the article.
Coach - TBD

 1. Vanessa Vanelli
 2. Tiana Russell

 2018 Team Members
 Program Details...
Registration is now OPEN!
​Photo above (2013): A great picture of the Harbord Village team coming into the docks immediately after one of their their 500m races at Centre Island.  All in SYNC and SMILING!  That's what it's all about!!  Coach Tim at back and daughter Sarah on drum.
Link to Harbord Village Resident's Association website with dedicated dragon boat page for us!

​(c) 2018 - Rusty Dragons Adventures Inc.
Coach - Caroline Cook
Coach - Cheryl Shannon
Coach - Caitlin McAulay
Coach - Tim MacFarlane

Amy Furness
Andrew Holmes
Anne Lindsay
Arnold Dias
Candida Britto
Carmel Anandarajah
Carmencita Calma
Christian Mueller (captain)
Deborah Michaud
Dinny Biggs
Dongmei Wang
Elizabeth Manley
Errol Britto
Gord Muschett
Ilona Perkins
Jie Aho
Joyce Mason
Kate Lushington
Kathryn Walton
Kevin Venus
Leo Gao
Leslie Britto
Leslie Thompson
Liliana Baquero
Lindsay Luminoso
Maria Ferreira 
Mark Durga
Mary Newberry
May Lui (captain)
Melcsi Tasnadi
Michelle Singh
Nahid Lalji
Neil Fernandes
Prem Tauro
Sandra Derencinovic
Shelly Pludwinski
Shirley Yanover
Stephanie Divekar
Stephenie Stinson
Susan Eckerle
Susanna Tang
Teresa Nocella
Tracey Hanson
Victoria Gao
 Team Alumni (previous years)
Registration Fee:  $152
($142 if paid by end-of-day March 9th)

You can pay any number of ways, and we appreciate early payment so we can get administration done early.  Let us know if you have any questions. Some options are as follows...

 - Send interac e-mail transfer to "" using any password as auto-deposit is enabled.

 - Send cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" (and mail to: 76 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON, M5S 2L7").

 - Send payment via credit card over phone (contact for details).

 - Pay online via PayPal account or credit card using button above (which will have a $3 service charge added).
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