Fort Frances Ice Regatta
​Saturday, February 17, 2018 (Family Day weekend)

The inaugural ice dragon boat event organized by Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club (Fort Frances / International Falls) and run by FMG Dragon Boat (based in Winnipeg).  Specially designed ice sleds by FMG will be raced (pictured at right).
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Ice Dragon boats are specially rigged boats with skis underneath and an arm at the back that the steersperson can turn the skis under the back of the boat. Paddlers use special poles with spikes on them instead of paddles.  Otherwise it is similar to regular dragon boating with synchronization, except weight balance is not as important and its also a wee bit colder.  Side benefit - It's way easier to load and unload the boats!

After last year where some of us attended the Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival but many were shut out due to a sold out event, we have decided to attend this new Ice Dragon Boat event instead this year in Fort Frances (west of Thunder Bay).  The event is limited to 20 teams and we would like to fields two teams.
Registration is now open for participants.  There is no restriction on who can register to join these collective teams (anyone from Canada, USA, or beyond). 

Cost: $50 per person.   Flights are about $350 return (Porter flies from Toronto Island to Thunder Bay daily).  It's a 18 hour drive or more, so we will fly.

No drummer is needed and the event organizers supply the steersperson.  

The official web page for the Boundary Waters event is HERE, and the official web page for FMG Dragon Boat is HERE.
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Latest News (February 25, 2018):  We had an awesome adventure in Fort Frances last weekend, and have many great memories with the local organizers, the racing (we won gold in the mixed division), and touring the area including some great cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. 

CONGRATS to team members (listed at right) for your team work and hard work to go undefeated in all 100m ice races on Feb. 17 on the ice of the Rainy River.  Our times were 34.31, 28.35, & 31.55 seconds.

Some GO-Pro video links will be updated here shortly.

Organizer Annely Armstrong-Thorstad was a huge part of the success of the whole experience.  All the folks and FMG Dragon Boat did a great job with the event.
Team Members

Registration is closed as the event is over - We WILL be coming back in 2019!

1. Tim MacFarlane.
2. Melanie Bissett.
3. Estelle Rulton.
4. B. A..
5. Caryn Myers.

  6. Kevin Myers.
  7. Elana Van Deventer.
  8. Darrol Van Deventer.
  9. Joanna Loney.
10. Ralph Hill.