2018 End of Season Celebration
& Open House Information Night
Saturday November 17, 2018 - 6:00-9:30pm
Location: 50 Quebec Avenue (beside High Park subway station) - Condo Party Room
Rusty Dragons logo - view of Toronto skyline in black silhouette, with orange sky and blue water.

We had another great season, with events running from January (Ice Dragon Boat in Ottawa and Fort Frances), to JUly 1st at the Island, through to September (GWN Challenge, Christie Lake, and Stratford). This event will celebrate each team and all our paddlers, coaches, and supporters. It's also just an excuse to get together one final time this season as a larger group and get to know each other better and share stories about the season past and what we would like to do next year.

The location is a condo party room located just a one minute walk from High Park subway station on Bloor in the west end.  See map and pictures at the bottom of this page.  We have rented a large room that seats up to 75 people.  We will hold a pot-luck dinner with contributions from paddlers to share their favourite dishes and desserts.  A small contribution fee will also help cover costs.  The event is hosted by members of the Guns n Roses team, led by co-captains Shalini and Babar. 

Please note that alcohol is NOT permitted at the venue.

Cost: $5 + Food donation to the pot-luck dinner (pay at event), OR, $10 without a food donation. 
          Pay in advance if at all possible using Interac e-mail transfer to "payments@rustydragons.ca".
Latest News (Nov. 18th):  The event is now over, as we will post some updates and pictures here shortly.  Thank you to everyone who came out!!

 - The Club wrote over $65,000 in cheques in 2018.  Can you guess where it went? 
 - We booked over 170 boat hours.  In all that time, guess how many hours were rain-outs? (hint: very few!)
 - Our teams raced in 79 individual heats (total distance of 30,400 meters - 30 KM).  Who had the fastest 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m times?
 - How many unique individual paddlers raced with us this past year in those races?  100?  150? 200? 250? 300? 350? 400?

>>> All of the answers and more will be revealed at the party!  As well, we will be making some announcements on some NEW Rusty events coming next year, as well as improved team support, and club fundraiser.


There are just a few visitor parking spaces available at the front of 50 Quebec Ave.  Please assume you won't find one here and plan to park nearby...

- 255 Kennedy Ave (0.7 km from my place; $4 from 6 pm – 7 am; Carpark 116; surface parking; 56 spaces; pay and display and mobile pay available; can pay using coins, Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express)

- 265 Durie Street (1.0 km from my place; $5 from 6 pm – 9 am; Carpark 64; surface parking; 155 spaces); pay and display and mobile pay available; can pay using coins, Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express)

Registration is now CLOSED as the event is over.
Graphic saying: POT LUCK  -Bring your Favourite Dish!"
Registered attendees16 Pink Crusaders, 9 Motley Crew, 8 One Gorgeous, 6 Guns n Roses, 6 Rusty Belles, 4 UofT Library, 4 Kokopelli, ...)  
Graphic: "Let's Party"
 1. Tim MacFarlane.  (Rusty Dragons / Motley Crew / Pink Crusaders)
 2. Shalini.  (MTCS Oars to Discover / Guns n Roses / Rusty Belles)
 3. Denise Gregg (Snake)  (MTCS Oars to Discover / Guns n Roses)
 4-5. Nancy Spies & guest (Raymond) (Pink Crusaders / Rusty Belles)
 6. Judi Bonner.  (Pink Crusaders / One Gorgeous Boat / Rusty Belles) 
 7. Lorraine Molloy  (Pink Crusaders)
 8. Lori Duclos.  (Pink Crusaders / Rusty Belles)
 9. Marilyn Prole.  (Pink Crusaders)
10. Maura Ryan  (Pink Crusaders)
11-14. Shauna Wright & 3 guests (family)  (Pink Crusaders)
15. Kaylor Koh  (One Gorgeous Boat)
16. April Heighway  (Motley Crew / Pink Crusaders)
17. Leah Palmer  (Pink Crusaders)
18. Meghna Chaurasia  (Pink Crusaders / Guns n Roses)
19. Estelle Rulton  (Motley Crew)
20. Ciara Behan  (Pink Crusaders)
21. Dana Quinn  (One Gorgeous Boat / Kokopelli)
22. Jessica Barr  (UofT Library of Conquest / Pink Crusaders)
23-24. Anitha Cyriac & guest (Vinai)  (Motley Crew / Rusty Belles)
25. Wendy Auger  (Motley Crew / Rusty Belles)
26. Maria Dorsey  (Motley Crew)
27. Jason Lim  (One Gorgeous Boat)
28. Sheona Lovell  (One Gorgeous Boat)
29. Kenji Ferguson  (One Gorgeous Boat / Kokopelli)
30. Clery Chong  (One Gorgeous Boat)
31. Kelly Ziger  (Motley Crew)
32. Jennifer Tinh Nguyen  (Kokopelli)
33. Shenil Esmail  (Guns n Roses)
34. Donna Vanier  (Guns n Roses)
35. Vithyatharshi Sivathason  (guest)
36. Anil Purandaré   (UofT Library of Conquest)
37. Tara Lock  (UofT Library of Conquest / Pink Crusaders)
38. Nina Bettencourt  (Guns n Roses / Kokopelli)
39-40. Simona Burlacu & Guest (Dan)  (Motley Crew)
41. Vanessa Vanelli  (Pink Crusaders / Kokopelli)
42. Ann Forbes Arndt  (UofT Library of Conquest)
43-44. Brenda Johansen & Guest (David)  (Motley Crew)
45. Wendy Arnett  (Pink Crusaders)
46. Aina Mazin.  (One Gorgeous Boat)
47. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew / Rusty Belles) 
Graphic: showing 3 different sized trophies.  We will be handing out some awards.
Picture of the 50 Quebec Avenue building (25 stories high with pine trees in front)
Street view of the 50 Quebec Ave building.