2017 Water Safety Session @ Variety Village
Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 1:00-3:00 PM
This session is being organized by the CCB Dragon Boat Toronto chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), which is the organization created to provide value-added services for paddlers who are blind or partially sighted (but open for anyone).  The chapter's president is Myra Rodrigues, treasurer is Ingrid Schurr, and Secretary Tim MacFarlane.  The three are planning for the event, with Tim delivering the training aspect of the event.

The cost is FREE for CCB Members and $10 for non-members (Membership costs just $10 and is good for the calendar year).  We are holding the event at Variety Village in Scarborough where we have booked an hour in a classroom and an hour in their pool.  The location has free parking, and is accessible via TTC via bus 12A (there is a "Variety Village" stop, where we will have volunteers to greet you).

Registration is through an e-mail to Myra Rodrigues (MyraRodrigues@Rogers.com).

If you have any other questions, contact Tim via e-mail (Tim@RustyDragons.ca) or phone (647-971-7332).
Latest News (Feb. 12):  Myra, Ingrid and Tim met with Ann Doucette at Variety Village in order to check out their facility for suitability for our session.  We were very happy with both the assigned classroom (LINKS room) and the two deep-end pool lanes we were allocated.  As a result, we signed a contract with Variety Village to run the session in two weeks on Sunday February 26th.  Registration is now open by e-mailing Myra at MyraRodrigues@Rogers.com.  The class is limited to 15.
The session is limited to 15 members.

 1. Anne Musgrave (& guide dog)
 2. Tammy Adams (& guide dog Nickel)

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Variety Village logo (red heart with words Variety Village).  Click image to open a pop-up window with Variety Village's official website.
​Safety is a partnership and everyone has a responsibility to the team to help make it a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.  This session will help you understand all levels of water safety, from the responsibilities of the coaches and captains to the responsibilities of the individual paddlers, and regatta organizers.  This session will also be an important opportunity for participants to learn about the various types of life jackets and to try them out in the pool.  Inflatable life jackets will also be discussed, including demonstrations of their inflation in the pool. All questions will be answered.

Classroom Agenda (1-2 PM):
- Review of the Rusty Dragons Safety Plan.
- Hands-on discussion of various types of PFDs.
- Discussion on what happens when a boat capsizes.
- Review of typical Regatta Safety Plans.
- Waivers and individual health concerns / risks.

Pool Agenda (2-3 PM):
- Opportunity to try various PFDs in the water.
- Tread water challenge (3 minutes) - demonstrate conform in water.
- Exercises you can do in the water related to DB / laps for hose interested.
Picture of water with red & white floating rescue ring, and the words "Water Safety".