For paddlers who want a head start or extra time on the water at the start of the season.
Practices: Choose one or more of the practices below (via registration form)...​
> Practice 1: Noon to 2:30 PM, Saturday, April 22. >> 18 attended - first boat on the water this season!
> Practice 2: 10 AM to 12:30 PM, Saturday April 29. >> 24 attended - good conditions on the water!
> Practice 3: 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM, Saturday May 13.  **UPDATED** Changed from May 6th  - see ALERT below.
Location: Balmy Beach Canoe Clue / Beaches Lions Club, Toronto (10 Ashbridges Bay Park Road)
Cost: $15 per person PER practice.
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THESE PRACTICES!   The objective is for this to allow interested paddlers to get a great head start on their season before their own team gets started.  This is great for beginners and experienced paddlers.  

Due to the forecast rain and flooding for May 6th, that Open House Practice HAS BEEN POSTPONED A WEEK to Saturday May 13th.

 - Free parking in the main parking lot south of the boat house. See Practice Site page for details.
 - Orientation to the practice site and area, and 30 minutes of on land training (paddles and life jackets are provided).
 - Safety rules will be discussed.  This is a very safe sport, but we always emphasize the rules to help keep it that way.
 - We will load the boat and be on the water for a 75-80 minute practice depending on conditions.
 - Post practice debrief, and Questions and Answers.

If you have any questions, contact Tim via e-mail (Tim@RustyDragons.ca) or phone (647-971-7332).
Registration Fee:  $15 / practice

You can pay any number of ways, and we appreciate early payment if possible so we can get administration out of the way and focus on the practices on the practice days.  Let us know if you have any questions. Payment options...

 - Send interac e-mail transfer to "Payments@RustyDragons.ca" using suggested password "openhouse" if you like.

 - Send cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures"  (to: 76 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON, M5S 2L7), or provided at the practice.

 - Send payment via credit card over phone (contact Tim for details).

 - Pay online via PayPal account or credit card using button below. 

 - Cash at the practice.

Registration is now closed - New sessions may open in the future.

Picture of a boat full of people near a small iceberg.  Looks like a dragon boat but isn't.  Just a funny picture to get people thinking of the cold water.
Sat.Apr.22, Noon to 2:30PM
Coach: Caitlin McAulay

>> This date has passed.

 1. Alice Goulet.
 2. Marianne Belarmino.
 3. Jillian Brown.
 4. Judi Bonner.
 5. Nancy Spies.
 6. Alodie Brew
​ 7. Leslie Thomson.
 8. Mubina Shaikh.
 9. Edith Sinclair.
10. Anne Lindsay.
11. Janelle Rose.
12. Lolita Uy.
13. Peter Bednarek.
14. Daniel Mohammed.
15. Martina Young.
16. Anna Travers.
17. Amanda Mathieson.
18. Christine Seki.

Safety boat: Olivia

>>> We had a great practice thanks to coach Caitlin and Rusty ambassadors Janelle, Lolita, Nancy, Judi, and Alice.
Sat.Apr.29, 10:00AM-12:30PM
Coach: Tim MacFarlane

>> This date has passed.

 1. Alice Goulet.
 2. Marianne Belarmino.
 3. Anitha Cyriac.
 4. Judi Bonner.
 5. Frances Halperin.
 6. Janice Lambrakos.
​ 7. Permjit Buadhwal.
 8. Lolita Uy.
 9. Lily Romanelli.
10. Jillian Brown.
11. Martina Young.
12. Mary Athens.
13. Diana Gramola.
14. Erin Neglia.
15. Matthew Weisel.
16. Julie McPhail.
17. Teresa Seto
18. Alodie Brew.
19. Mike Carsell
20. Tam Seto

Safety boat: Grace

>>> A great full boat practice with some spares swapped in half-way through the practice!  We also paddles an extra 25 minutes.
Click here to pay your registration fee online via PayPal or credit card.  As separate pop-up window will appear and you will be stepped through the payment options and process.
Sat.May.13, 10:15AM-12:30PM
Coach: Tim MacFarlane

>> This date has passed.

 1. Matthew Weisel
 2. Corinne Turansky
 3. Judi Bonner
 4. Ray Creedon
 5. Rakesh Sheth
​ 6. Mati Breda (w/JB).
 7. Jillian Brown (JB).
 8. Davide Peruzzetto (w/JB).
 9. Razina Ahmed (MeetUp)
10. Ladan Eskandarian (MeetUp)
11. Rucha Chauhan
12. Alex Grey
13. Donna Brown
14. Babar Awan
15. Grace Kuruvilla
16. Sheba Kuruvilla
17. Shanthi Kuruvilla
18. Ray Leung (MeetUp)
19. Scott Baikie
20. Hirsch Goodman

>>> We had a great practice today as the water was calm, air was cool not cold, and the sun started to peek through the clouds.  Two-thirds of the paddlers had never been in a dragon boat before.