5th year for our Blind / Partially Sighted / Fully Sighted crew!
Practising: Fridays, 6-7 PM at Ashbridges Bay starting in July (Start date to be determined still).  
Regatta: Woodstock, Saturday August 12th.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS TEAM IS NOT YET OPEN.   We are looking forward to the summer of 2017, where we are going to move our training day to Fridays (from Sundays in 2016) so we free up everyone's weekends.  We are also deferring the start of the season until July.

We are a team focused on having fun, learning good technique and strategy, and making the sport accessible to anyone.  On the water, we are no different than any other team and compete equally against fully sighted teams.  About half of our team are fully-sighted paddlers.

For paddlers with guide dogs we have a "Dog Squad" daycare service to take care of your partner while you are on the water.  They are volunteers assigned to you and your dog so they know how to take care care of him or her.  Care will includes walks in the local park, etc as directed by their owners.

If you have any questions about this team, contact any of the following individuals...
 > Myra Rodrigues, Co-Manager / Co-Captain,
 > Ingrid Schurr, Treasurer,
 > Patricia James, Co-Captain, 
 > Tim MacFarlane, Coach / Co-Manager, or call 647-971-7332.

There are two ways to register for this team (once it officially opens). The first is via our Survey Monkey registration form, for which there is a link below (red button entitled "Click HERE to Register now for this team"). Clicking on that link will create a Survey Monkey pop-up window where you can complete the questions and then click the DONE button at the bottom. If you have any issue with the accessibility of this form, please do not hesitate to instead use the Microsoft WORD document that is linked to via the "BPS Registration Form (DOC)" icon below right. Simply save the form, edit to add your answers to the questions, then e-mail the completed form to  Another option is to contact someone above.
Practices (7):
 > Fridays, 6 to 7 PM.  Arrive at site between 6:30 and 6:50 PM .
 > Dates: First practice is Friday May 12th, 
          followed by May 19 / 26, June 2 / 9 / 16 / 23.  
 > No practice on holiday weekend of May 22.
 > Location:  Balmy Beach Canoe Club (see Practice Site page).

Regattas (1): 
 > DDRA Canada Day Regatta: Saturday July 1st, on Centre Island.

Cost:  $115
You can pay any number of ways, and we appreciate early payment so we can get administration done early.  Let us know if you have any questions. Some options are as follows...
 - Send interac e-mail transfer to ""
 - Send cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" (as for mailing address).
 - Send payment via credit card over phone (contact for details).
 - Pay online via PayPal account or credit card using button below.
Latest News (April 26th): We have decided to defer the start of the season for this team until after Canada Day.  Until the details are ironed out, registration will be closed.  We expect to announce full details for the program by mid-May.  This team is open to anyone, and no experience is required.

However, there are MANY options for anyone who is visually impaired to join another Rusty Dragons team in May and June and race on Canada Day.   If interested, please check out OPS Two Twenty Two or One Gorgeous Boat as examples, or contact Tim MacFarlane by e-mail at or cell phone at 647-971-7332.

We also remind paddlers that this team will be supported in various ways by the brand new "CCB Dragon Boat Toronto" organization. This new chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB) will provide value-added support services to the team.  This will include (among other things), a water safety session that will be held in late February.  Stay tuned for more details.
​  1. Myra Rodrigues
  2. Taras Kuzminski
  3. Glenn Edwards
  4. Orly Shamir
​  5. Ingrid Schurr
  6. John Tomasino
  7. Jamey Wagner
  8. Kelly Bishop
  9. Wendy Auger
10. Donna Vanier
11. Tim MacFarlane
12. Estelle McCalmont
13. William Chui
14. Judy Vye
15. Janet Moen
16. Steve Murgaski
17. Nancy Holmes
18. Edwin Huang
19. Rosalind Sellar
20. Chelsea Mohler
21. Margaret Chui
22. Susan Bouza
23. Catherine Lim

24. TerriLynn Hulett (guest)
25. Veronica Bizon (guest)
26. Pete Funnell (guest)
27, Lorne Webber (guest)
28. Colin McDonald (guest)
29. Sandra Derencinovic (guest)
30. Janelle Rose (guest)
31. Anitha Cyriac (guest)
 Team Members (2015 - two years ago)
 Program Details (Spring Program)
Click this button to register online now for this dragon boat team.  A separate Survey Monkey pop-up window will appear with questions needed to complete your registration.

Picture of the team on the podium at the 2014 Nationals in Welland.
Picture of Co-Captain Myra with her trusty dog Caramel in our boat.
Rusty Dragons banner logo - Toronto skyline is black silhouette, with orange sky above and blue water below.

1. Myra Rodrigues (co-captain)
 2017 Team Members (Summer Session - July to September)
​  9. 
​1. Ingrid Schurr
2. Myra Rodrigues
3. Margareth Lobo
4. Tammy Adams
5. Kaye Leslie
6. Ann LaFontaine
7. Sandra Derencinovic
8. Donna Vanier
 2016 Team (LAST YEAR) - Part One (Spring)
​  9. April Heighway
10. Austin Heighway-Ellis
11. Sandra Derencinovic
12. Lorna Pegram
13. Patricia James
14. Susan Bouza
15. Tomoko Sato
16. Douglas Free
Picture of the 2016 Canada Day team for Sight Unseen.  Winners of Gold medals in the Community "B" Division.
1. Myra Rodrigues (co-captain)
2. Patricia James (co-captain)
3. Sandra Derencinovic
4. Heeduk Choi
5. Susan Bouza
6. Michael Ha
7. Frances Halperin
8. Adria Krantz
 2016 Team Members (LAST YEAR) - Part Two (Summer)
​  9. Jack Leong
10. Zofia Seroka
11. Tim MacFarlane
12. Estelle McCalmont
13. Albert Fong
14. Michelle Singh
15. Fanny Tran
16. Marianne Belarmino
17. Meghna Chaurasia
18. Tamkeen Siddique
19. Douglas Freeman
20. Gee
21. Houman Pouladi
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