A Toronto breast cancer survivor (BCS) dragon boat racing team practicing near Woodbine Beach.
We are entering our 3rd year in 2017 and are looking for new paddlers to join our growing regular crew!
Summer Session: Practicing Wednesdays, 7-8 PM from July to mid-September, and racing Saturday August 12 in Woodstock and then the GWN Challenge on the weekend of Sept 9-10 in Toronto. 
We became a full-season team in 2015 thanks to the amazing teammates who came together under the direction of GWN (Carolyn Lee) in Sept 2014 to race at the GWN Challenge with only two practices.  We had a great time at the event that we decided we wanted MORE! Now here we are 3 years later with a growing full season team.  Join us - no experience required - ANYONE can do this and have fun!   

Our objective is to introduce the sport to breast cancer survivors and take advantage of the great camaraderie and adrenaline rush of racing that makes this such a great sport. No experience is required in any sport.  We'll become part of the huge family of breast cancer survivor teams from Canada, the USA, and across the world. You can do it!  

We joined the International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission and those interested are going to race in Italy in July 2018.

Pink Crusaders in tem circle on land getting ready for practice.
The Pink Crusaders enjoying a cold beer after a great weekend of racing at the 2014 GWN Challenge event at Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto.
Pink Crusaders racing at the 2015 GWN Challenge at Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto.  What a great event we had with an amazing group of new paddlers.
Two members of the BCS "Hope Floats" team, plus our very own Estelle and Myra.  Taken at the cancer survivor ceremony at the St Catharines regatta, which happened to fall on the 20th anniversay of the first BCS team in Vancouver.

Coach: Tim MacFarlane (TBS)

 1. Nancy Martin (co-captain)
 2. Janet Moen (co-captain)
 3. Kathleen Faulkner (MAG)
 4. Paula Hargraves (MOECC)
 5. Michelle Singh ** 
 6. Judi Bonner
 7. Rosemary McCanny
 8. Karen Young
 9. Sylvie Perron **
10. Sonja de Roo
11. Alice Goulet
12. Geri Arellano-Sison
13. Annie Eckhardt (Welland Hope Floats) *
14. Sondra Beach (Welland Hope Floats) *
15. Arleta Kocken (Trillium WOW) *
16. Alicia Salud
17. Meghna Chaurasia **
18. Hyma Velagapudi **
19. Jane Wilson
​20. Irene Brooksbank (Dragons Abreast) *

21. Julie McPhail-Smith
22. Eleanor Nielsen (Dragons Abreast) *
23. Lynn Benton
24. Patricia Weise
25. Maureen Forestell **
26. Wen Wei **
27. Mary Anne Sanderson
28. Annie Keele
29. Ping Ping Lu
30. Stephanie Loch
31. Shehara Farook **
32. Eriane Leobrera **
33. Lorigen Reyes **
34. Janelle Rose **
35. Kelly Bishop **
36. Alexis Fabricius **
37. Kim Halfyard **
38. Wendy Auger **
39. Melissa Rodway **
40. Carolyn Boyd **
 Team Alumni (Previous Years)
Meet new people, learn new skills, breathe in some fresh air, enjoy the waterfront, and get a little exercise along the way.  Register for the team and you will get to experience all this and more.  This is the fastest growing water sport in the world as it is great for beginners and ANYONE can do this (no prior sport experience is required). We'll learn together practice by practice, and we guarantee this will be a very rewarding experience on many levels.

READY TO REGISTER?  Click the pink "Click HERE to Register" button above and complete the online registration form (Survey Monkey).  Payment is a separate process from registration and you have many options.  Contact Tim@RustyDragon or Nancy / Janet below if you have any questions.

Questions?   Contact Nancy Martin at <spartingroup @> or Tim MacFarlane at <tim @>.

41. Solidad Manalo **
42. Lolita Uy **
43. Melissa Newell **
44. Catrine Rawung **
45. Anna-Lisa Mantesso
46. Kelly Ziger **
47. Brenda Ma **
48. Denice Mantesso **
49. Elen Aguilar 
50. Glenda Gregoire
51. Heather Carnie
52. Moira Alley
53. Nancy Mee
54. T Nelson
55. Carolyn Lee ** (original team manager)
56. Myra Rodrigues
- Open to breast cancer survivors only AND their supporters (men and women).
Practices (10): Wednesdays 7-8 PM, at Balmy Beach, July 5/12/19/26, Aug. 2/9/16/23/30 & Sept 6.
Regattas (2): Woodstock (Aug 12) and GWN Challenge in Marilyn Bell Park Toronto (Sept 9-10).
Cost: $152. This is all-inclusive, including practices, races, and use of life jackets and paddles.
- Fee can be paid by cash in person, cheque "Rusty Dragons Adventures", interac e-mail to, or credit card via the "Buy This" button above (or over phone).
- Note: The fee for Woodstock only as a guest paddler is $50.
* Special BCS guests joining us from other BCS teams for race weekends and/or practices only to help us fill the boat to a full BCS crew.  Thank you!!
** Special non-BCS guests joining us for practices only and/or regattas where we are not racing in a BCS division.
Coach: Tim MacFarlane

 1. Nancy Martin.. (captain)
 2. Judi Bonner.. (fundraising)
 3. Christine Seki. (fundraising)
 4. Alice Goulet.. (fundraising)
 5. Jillian Brown..
 6. Alodie Brew.
 7. Geri Arellano-Sison.. (No Woodstock)
 8. Mary Ann Cain. (no Canada Day)
 9. Debra Shepherdson ** (no Canada Day)
10. Diana Gramola..
11. Martina Young. **
12. Hyma Velagapudi **
13. Julie McPhail.
14. Meghna Chaurasia **
15. Glenda McBain. **
16. Mike Carsell. **
17. Alicia Salud
18. Marcelo Castro.. **
19. Maura Ryan. ** (No Woodstock)
20. Janet Moen.. (Canada Day and GWN)
21. Janine Arellano. ** 
22. Estelle McCalmont (Canada Day)
23. Frances Halperin (Canada Day)
24. Marjeiry Robinson (Canada Day)
 Team Members (2017 season ) - Includes both breast cancer survivors (and supporters designated with **)
25. Crystal Penano. **
26. Gino Penano. **
27. Candida Britto. **
28. Ciara Behan ** (No Woodstock)
29. Ann Reid (Woodstock) - Hope Floats
30. Brenda Arndt (Woodstock). - Hope Floats
31. Annie Eckhardt (Woodstock). - Hope Floats
32. Liz Guitard (Woodstock) - Hope Floats
33. Bernita Arndt (Woodstock). - Hope Floats **
34. Margaret Battista (Woodstock)
35. Helene Beauparlant (Hope Floats)
36. Patti Weise. (GWN Challenge) 
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