September 23, 2017 at Lake McIntosh (new location) 
In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, the Rusty Dragons are returning for a second year to this event.  Last year we were the first international team to compete at this growing event (47 teams).  This is a one-day small-boat (10-person) competition with at least 3 races per team. While this team is being coordinated in Toronto, registration is open to anyone in North America.  Last year we not only raced, but also helped with setup and introduced the exciting "Hand Paddle Charity Race" (Tim), as well as their first breast cancer survivor Flower Ceremony (Estelle McCalmont).  We plan to have at least two teams racing at this event in 2017, and of course helping again.
This new event on the Rusty Dragons menu is thanks to Jessica Shotwell, who was a team mate of several Rusty Dragons who attended the annual Space Coast Florida training camp in April 2016.  As was the case for Rusty Dragons attending past races in Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico, these were all spawned by meeting great people from across North America at Jim Farintosh's training Camp in Florida.      

NEWS (As of Feb. 14):  Registration is NOW OPEN for 2017's event in September!!  

The entry fee is $114 CAD or $82 USD.  This includes three 200m races, PLUS the 75m Hand Paddle Race, PLUS one or two small boat practices in PTC.  You can pay any way you like, including Interac e-mail transfer to or via PayPal / Credit card via the "Buy This" grey button beside the red "Register Now" button.  You can also pay cash in person (contact to arrange) or cheque to "Rusty DRagons Adventures" (contact for mailing address).

We were especially happy that JoAnn Moore joined us from Sisters in Sync, Florida.  20% of our team were breast cancer survivors JoAnn and Estelle), who with Tim as steer participated in the Flower ceremony with three boats that Estelle arranged for the benefit of all.  In fact, we are bring a FULL breast cancer survivor team this year.

There are TWO Teams for you to choose from:
 1) Motley Crew & Friends, a mixed team returning for their 2nd year.
 2) Pink Crusaders & Friends, a breast cancer survivor team going for the first time.

Our objective is go somewhere new, meet new people, and have fun doing what we love - racing!

NOTE: Due to dam work being done by the city on Lake Peachtree (the lake level will be lowered), the event is moving to nearby Lake McIntosh where the event has also been previously held.  We lose the nice Drake Field but gain much better water for racing!

Motley Crew & Friends  (Premier Mixed Team)
Accepting the first 6 women and first 6 men who register.

 1. Tim MacFarlane  (Motley Crew)
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Map of eastern North America, showing location of Peachtree City and Toronto / Ottawa.
Map of the Lake McIntosh and nearby area.
2017 ITINERARY:  Details are still being worked out with event organizers and our partners in PTC. The Itinerary below is DRAFT.  Everything will be firmed up before July / August.

Wed. Sept. 20 
  - Arrival in Peachtree City, GA (flights / car-pool to be arranged as needed).
  - Check-in at the Wyndham Peachtree Hotel and Conference Centre (special rate).
  - Or stay anywhere, including AirBnB options.

Thu. Sept 21
 - Rotary Club Meeting (all invited to attend - Tim Speaking), then Rotary Lunch at Hotel
 - Small boat practice #1 after lunch (close to hotel - walking distance). 

Fri. Sept 22
 - Sight-seeing and/or volunteering to help with the festival setup.
 - Possible practice #2 in small boat.

Sat. Sept 23
 - Race Day!  From about 9 AM to 5 PM.  Lost of festival activities too!
 - Rusty Dragons Charity race!!  Six teams competing in a 100m hand paddling race!
 - Breast Cancer Survivor Race (and Flower Ceremony).
 - Team dinner that evening, including friends from the festival.

Sun. Sept 24
​ - Check out of hotel and spend final half-day in PTC.  
 - Lunch to be arranged, possibly closer to Atlanta / Airport.

Note: Flight time from Toronto; 2h 10m.  Drive time from Toronto: 16 hours (1650 km).
Map of Atlanta / Peachtree City area.  Peachtree City is just south west of Atlanta.

In 2016 we asked to host a special race to help raise money for the Breast Cancer Survivor Network.  And we did!   It generated great interest among paddlers and spectators alike, so we are doing it again!

We will run a ~75m hand paddling 
sprint race for up to six teams.

The Rusty Dragons will be one of the six teams that will raise $200 USD per team for bragging rights to win the second annual Rusty Dragons Peachtree City Charity Challenge Race!  We are supplying the special "Canadian" medals and coordinating the race, in partnership with the Rotary Club.

Picture of a Chinese dragon boat drum
 1. Tim MacFarlane  (Rusty Dragons)
 2. Collette Valliear  (Motley Crew)
 3. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew)
 4. Estelle McCalmont  (BMO / Knot a Breast / Sight Unseen)
 5. Ingrid Schurr  (Sight Unseen / BMO)
 6. Mike Carsell  (Motley Crew)
 7. JoAnn Moore  (Survivors in Sync, FL)
 8. Laya Alibabaie  (Motley Crew)
 9. Sadi Bhangal  (Motley Crew)
10. Lolita Uy  (Motley Crew)
11. Jessica Shotwell  (Peachtree City Rotary Club) - Drummer
12. Festival steer
 2017 Team Members (two teams) Registration is open via the red button above
 2016 Team Members (Last year)
Pink Crusaders & Friends (BCS Team)
Accepting the first 12 breast cancer survivors who register.

 1. Frances Halperin  (Pink Sensations)
 2. Marjeiry Robinson  (Pink Sensations)
 3. Diana Gramola  (Pink Crusaders)
 4. Kathy Sarjit Ng  (Dragons Abreast of Toronto)
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