CANCELLED for 2017 - See below...
September 23, 2017 at Lake McIntosh (new location) 
Last year (2016) we were the first international team to compete at this growing event (47 teams).  This is a one-day small-boat (10-person) competition with at least 3 races per team. While this team is being coordinated in Toronto, registration is open to anyone in North America. Last year we not only raced, but also helped with setup and introduced the exciting "Hand Paddle Charity Race", as well as their first breast cancer survivor Flower Ceremony.

This event on the Rusty Dragons menu is thanks to a team mate of Rusty Dragons who attended the annual Space Coast Florida training camp in April 2016.  As was the case for Rusty Dragons attending past races in Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico, these were all spawned by meeting great people from across North America at Jim Farintosh's training Camp in Florida.      

IMPORTANT NEWS (as of Aug 10th):  

Motley Crew have just cancelled their plans to race at Peachtree City in 2017!  
But we hope to be back another year.  Here is what happened...

Due to the severe flooding in the Great Lakes this summer, the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival on June 17-18 was cancelled for the first time ever due to the high water levels on Toronto Island. This was the same reason that prompted the Canada Day regatta to move to Welland in the last minute. This prompted the Motley Crew team to find a replacement regatta.

The team chose to attend the Christie Lake Regatta held which includes 7 races per team including 3 x 200m sprints, 1 x 100m back-it-down race, 1 surprise race (different every year), a slalom flag capture race, and an end-of-day 2000m race.  We have been here before and it is a great way to end our dragon boat season and is two weeks after the mote competitive GWN Challenge event.

Unfortunately, this race is on the same date, September 23, as the PTC Rotary festival !!

Map of eastern North America, showing location of Peachtree City and Toronto / Ottawa.
Map of Atlanta / Peachtree City area.  Peachtree City is just south west of Atlanta.

In 2016 we asked to host a special race to help raise more money for the Breast Cancer Survivor Network.  We did, and It generated great interest among paddlers and spectators. The organizers are doing it again in 2017.

PTC Rotary will run a 50m hand paddling 
sprint race for up to six teams.

Picture of a Chinese dragon boat drum
 1. Tim MacFarlane  (Rusty Dragons)
 2. Collette Valliear  (Motley Crew)
 3. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew)
 4. Estelle McCalmont  (BMO / Knot a Breast / Sight Unseen)
 5. Ingrid Schurr  (Sight Unseen / BMO)
 6. Mike Carsell  (Motley Crew)
 7. JoAnn Moore  (Survivors in Sync, FL)
 8. Laya Alibabaie  (Motley Crew)
 9. Sadi Bhangal  (Motley Crew)
10. Lolita Uy  (Motley Crew)
11. Jessica Shotwell  (Peachtree City Rotary Club) - Drummer
12. Festival steer
 2016 Team Members (Last year)