Ottawa Ice Regatta
Team Name: Slip Slidin' Away
Saturday February 18, 2017 in Ottawa (Dow's Lake)

Rusty Dragons logo - view of Toronto skyline in black silhouette, with orange sky and blue water.

While we couldn't get as many people and teams registered for this event as intended (3 teams, 33 people minimum) due to the event selling out in 10 minutes, some of us will be participating on the team for individuals that we were asked to coach, drum for, and supply a few paddlers. We named the team SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY as originally intended for our own team.  We name all our teams after oldie rock bands or songs, and it seemed appropriate to name this team SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY.  There were 60 teams registered and 55 on the waiting list!!

After seeing this new ice sport happen in Hungary and China over the last 5 years, we were keen to attend and have some fun doing something unique! That's what we are all about. It will be the first of its kind in North America. The event also takes place during Ottawa's Winterlude (Feb 3 to 20).

We are thankful to Shelley Freake (Ottawa Festival director of Fundraising & Teams) for giving us this opportunity to participate.

Each team consists of 10 "paddlers", a steersperson, and a drummer. The boats are rigged with skis and we will use special ice stick "paddles". Practices will be held in the morning so we can get used to the boats. Each team gets 3 races and competes in divisions like a regular festival. Check out this video from Hungary. Check out this news article from last year hinting about this event coming.  Click the red button below to register.

Cost: $50+HST per person (paid to Ottawa festival upon completion of online registration).  
Latest News (Mar. 1):  We had a great time at the event, punctuated by us being interviewed by Rick Mercer and racing against his team.  We all received participation medals and made new friends at the event.  Pictures are still being gathered, so stay tuned for more!

  1. Tim MacFarlane  (Motley Crew)
  2. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew)
  3. Anitha Cyriac  (Motley Crew)
  4. Lolita Uy  (Motley Crew)
  5. Janice Lambrakos  (Motley Crew)
  6. Mike Carsell  (Motley Crew)
  7. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew)
  8. Wendy Auger  (Motley Crew)
  9. John Rego  (Toronto Firefighters)
​ 10. Michael Warwick  (Pickering DBC)

  1. Ingrid Schurr  (BMO)
  2. Ilona Perkins  (OPS Guns n Roses)
  3. Estelle McCalmont  (BMO)
  4. JoAnn Moore  (Survivors in Sync)
  5. Chelsea Mohler  (Sight Unseen)
  6. Wen Wei  (Pink Crusaders & Friends)
  7. Joanne Houston  (OH Premier Women
  8. Patricia James  (Sight Unseen)

    1. JoAnn Moore  (Survivors in Sync / BMO)
    2. Brenda Arndt  (Hope Floats)
    3. Ann Reid  (Hope Floats)
    4. Judi Bonner  (Pink Crusaders / One Gorgeous Boat)
    5. Nancy Martin  (Pink Crusaders) - Pd
    6. JoAnn Moore  (Survivors in Sync / Linked in Pinks)
    7. Frances Halperin  (Pink Sensations / Water n Ice)
    8. Sue Hepner  (Philadelphia Flying Phoenix)
    9. Anne Melmer  (Dragons Abreast)
   10. Estelle McCalmont  (Knot a Breast / SOS Miami
   11. Elizabeth Guitard  (Hope Floats)
Picture of Paul Simon.  Click to bring up a YouTube pop-ip window to play his SLIP SLIDIN AWAY song.
Mixed team of 12, with an even 6 women and 6 men on the boat. 

Coach/Steer: Tim MacFarlane  (Rusty Dragons)

Drummer:   JoAnn Moore   (Survivors in Sync / Linked in Pinks)

Left side paddlers:​
   1. Una Gould
   2. Melodie Mortensen
   3. Diana Johnson-Santos
   4. Jeff B Santos
   5. Bob So
Right side paddlers:​
   1. Lise McKay
   2. Scott Jenkins
   3. Michael Warwick 
   4. Michael Carsell
   5. Marleah Corbin
Note: For reference, the groups below were the initially planned 3 teams that did not make it into the regatta as they were n the waiting list....  Next year for sure!!
Picture of three of the participation medals from the event, with background being red souvenir jersey that has every participant's name on it.