Practices (7): Sundays, 1:00-2:00pm (arrive by 12:30 PM), on May 14 / 21 / 28, June 4 / 11 / 18 / 25
Racing: Saturday July 1st (Canada Day) on Toronto's Centre Island (8am to 5pm).
Coach: Tim MacFarlane,   Captain: Shireen Roy
REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN!   This is the fourth year for this team, which was launched three years ago in celebration of WorldPride coming to Toronto in June 2014.  What an amazing event for the LGBTTIQQ2SA community here in the Canada and around the world. We also participated in the WorldPride parade on a dragon boat float in 2014, and other Toronto paddlers joined us.  We were also joined at the parade with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  The plan in 2017 is to improve the planning, management, and coaching of the team and get team jerseys.  The team is ready for more! 

The team practices Sunday afternoons from mid-May to the end of June, and then race at the July 1st OPS (DDRA) Canada Day Regatta on Toronto's Centre Island. The practices are located at the Balmy Beach Canoe Club on Ashbridges Bay. The non-profit program fee for 2017 is $121 and registration will open soon (purple button below).  No experience is necessary. ANYONE can participate in this sport, even if you have never been part of a team sport before. You will be surprised!  This is why the sport is the fastest growing and most-inclusive sport in the world.  Here is your opportunity to do something different, so sign up NOW and make it happen!

Questions:  Contact Tim MacFarlane - - phone: 647-971-7332
Practices (7): 
l Dates: Sundays, 12:45-2:15pm, May 14 / 21 / 28, June 4 / 11 / 18 / 25.
l Location:  Balmy Beach Canoe Club, at Coxwell and Lakeshore Blvd (see the Practice Site page).
l Equipment:  Paddles and life jackets available for use at the practice site for no cost.
l Objective:  Learn how to paddle a dragon boat, practice teamwork, get fitter, and have FUN.

Race Day: 
l Date:  Saturday July 1st (Canada Day).  The day starts at about 8:00am and ends about 5:00pm.
l Location:  Allan A. Lamport Regatta Course on Toronto's Centre Island (Centre Island ferry).
l Objective:  Experience the thrill of racing other crews and having FUN with fellow paddlers, 
                        with family and friends cheering from shore and the grandstands!

Cost:  $121.  Payment via PayPal / Credit Card (using "buy this" button below), or Interac e-mail transfer to "", or cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" and mailed to Tim MacFarlane, 76 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON, M5S 2L7.
Latest News (June 5th):  We are now in our final month of practices before the OPS Canada Day Regatta and the team is looking and feeling STRONG and building momentum.  We are pleased to announce Shireen Roy and John Hill as the co-captains for the team.  Shireen has e-mailed team members to get their details of a team jersey (which she is organizing) as well as asking how paddlers are getting to Welland on July 1st.  The jerseys will cost $15 and this cost is separate from registration.   We have room for one or two more paddlers if they join by Sunday June 11th.

Notes on last year (2016):  The team performed very well at the OPS Canada Day Regatta on July 1st on Toronto's Centre Island.  The team competed in the "B" Division of the event and came 3rd place, just 3 seconds behind the 2nd place Pink Crusaders.  The team had the privilege of being coached for the first two races of Canada Day by the one and only Jim Farintosh (former National team coach)!
Coach: Tim MacFarlane
Coach: Andrew Liew

 1. Doug H
 2. Jonathan E
 3. Nicholas W
 4. Vicky C
 5. Valentin A
 6. Tim L
 7. Andrew U
 8. Seann L
 9. Sherry F
10. Shelly P
11. Janet W
12. Emily K
13. Megan H 
14. Autumn A
15. Mary P
16. Tracy G
17. Jasmine T
18. Lequanne C-B
19. Elizabeth B
20. Denis L
21. Jennifer H
22. Eric A
23. Debora F
24. Sarah C
25. Charlie D
26. Daniel K
27. Chelsea M
 Team Members from two years ago (2014) - two teams
 Program Details...
Registration is now CLOSED.  It will re-open for 2018 in January!!
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28. Jenn M
29. Paul R
30. Orly S
31. Camilla C
32. Hope W
33. Sadie A
34. Nicole O
35. Dean D
36. Annie J
37. Ingrid S
38. Mandy C
39. Madison M
40. Elaine S

Group photo of the over 40 members of the two Pride teams, sporing their medals from the day of racing at the 130th annual DDRA Canada Day Regatta at Centre Island.
Coach: Caitlin McAulay

 1. Deb F
 2. Samphors K
 3. Angela B
 4. Bianca A
 5. Alexandra G
 6. Denise M
 7. Jennifer M
 8. Janet W
 9. Ruth T
10. Doug H
11. Tanya P
12. Ana S
13. Maria M
14. Janet S
15. Wendy T
16. Matthew M
​16. Matthew M
17. Jay J
18. Manpreet V
19. Kim S
20. Sabnam I
21. Alex L
22. Lanay B
23. Dean I
24. Shelly P
 2015 Team (2 years ago)
Link to the current list of sports at the 2018 Paris Gay Games.
The 2018 Gay Games will be in Paris. We are joining a petition to have dragon boat racing added to the event.  
See event video on YouTube.

Coach: Tim MacFarlane

 1. Shireen Roy. (captain)
 2. John Hill
 3. Kim Saggu
 4. Judi Bonner
 5. Aubry Robichaud
 6. Manpreet Varaich.
 7. Corinne Turansky
 Team Members (2017)

 8. Clery Chong.
 9. Randi Libman.
10. Matthew Weisel.
11. Alex Grey.
12. Christine Wilson.
13. Dana Quinn.
14. Shenil Esmail.

15. Scott Baikie
16. Doug Reed.
17. B.A.
18. Kaylor Koh

 Tim MacFarlane 

 1. Doug Hammond (Captain)
 2. Kim Saggu
 3. Zofia Seroka
 4. Kaylor Koh
 5. Jay Jayasegar
 6. Kysa Coloma
 7. Manpreet Varaich​
 8. Sarah Marshall
 9. Tibor Daranyi
10. Jennifer Mannen
11. Michelle Singh
12. Davleen Bailey
13. Stephanie Borowik
14. Inayat Singh
15. Tim Mt Pleasant
16. Judi Bonner
17. Christine Bodnar
18. Eugene Bondarev
19. Aubry Robichaud
20. David Edwin Smith
21. Kelsey Cooper
 2016 Team (Last Year)
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