OPS Two Twenty Two
Practices (TBD): Mondays, 7-8 PM, Starting in July (dates to be determined)
Racing (TBD): Options are likely Woodstock (August 12) and/ore GWN Challenge in Toronto (Sept 9-10).
Coach: TBD Co-Captains: TBD

*** ALERT ***  This team's program has been deferred to start in mid-July instead of mid-May.  See details below.
This is the third year for this team centered on the modernized 222 Jarvis Street building that is now occupied by a large number of OPS employees from various ministries. The team was developed by Tim MacFarlane (who works there in the Cyber Security Branch of TBS). While recruiting will focus on registering paddlers who work in the building, is not restricted in who can join the team (working elsewhere or not in OPS). NO experience is required in any way. The coach will take you from never having sat in a dragon boat to racing on Canada Day at this special event. The objective is for this to be a fun experience for everyone (men or women of ANY age, and young adults aged 14 and up).

The non-profit registration fee has not yet been set as the postponement of the program on May 8th will result in a new program and budget being set.  The registration fee includes all practices and race day as well as use of life jackets and paddles. Please note that $5 from this fee is a donation in support of the Spirit Challenge dragon boat teams who will also race on Canada Day (for paddlers with developmental disabilities and their support staff, family, and friends).

If you have any questions, contact Tim via e-mail (Tim@RustyDragons.ca) or phone (647-971-7332).
Practices (TBD): 
> Day of week: Mondays, 6:45-8:05 PM *, May 15 / 22 / 29, June 5 / 12 / 19 / 26.  * The practices in May will be later (7:45 - 9:05 PM on site)
> Location:  Balmy Beach Canoe Club (see the Practice Site page).
> Equipment:  Paddles and life jackets available for use at the practice site for no cost.
> Objective:  Learn how to paddle a dragon boat, practice teamwork, get fitter, and have FUN.

Race Day (TBD): Could be Woodstock (Aug 12) and/or GWN Challenge (Sept 9-10).
> Date:  TBD.
> Location:  TBD.
> Objective:  Experience the thrill of racing other crews and having FUN with fellow paddlers - and family and friends cheering from the shore!

Cost:  $TBD.  Use "Buy This" PayPal button (once published) OR check Payments page for options.

Please note that $5 from this fee is a donation in support of the Spirit Challenge dragon boat teams who 
will also race on Canada Day (for paddlers with developmental disabilities and their support staff and family).
Latest News (May 8th):  Due to having an insufficient number of paddlers registered as of today (Monday May 8th), just a week before the scheduled first practice, the decision has been made to defer the start of the season for this team until July.  The Rusty Dragons prides itself on providing a solid practice and race experience for registered paddlers and a full boat is needed for that experience.  Instead, paddlers will be re-directed to other similar teams if they want to start their season in May (highly recommended)!   They can then join OPS 222 in July if desired.

Note on last year: The season ended with the participation of the team at the OPS Canada Day Regatta with their OPS 222 blue jerseys (logo below right).  The team competed in the "C" Division and placed 2nd place with a 500m time of 2' 48" (just 2 seconds from gold medals in the division). They also placed 3rd in the competition for the annual Public Service Challenge Cup sponsored by the Rusty Dragons. Congrats to all paddlers on the team, and a very special thank you to last year's captain Baxter Cutinha.
Coach: TBD    
Co-Captains: TBD
Treasurer: TBD



 Team Members (2017)
 Program Details (Will be published before the end of May)...
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Captain: Melissa Chetty
Coach: Abbie Fulton

  1. Melissa Chetty
  2. Tara Candon
  3. Tyrone Steer
  4. Ayn Cooney
  5. John Chick
  6. Jennifer Cooney
  7. Camille Assam
  8. Karen Cantos
  9. Diana Tan
10. Kim Forster
11. June Taylor
12. Emeka Ezeogu
13. William Coutts
14. Lindsay McAlear
15. Cassandra Spencer
16. Tara Candon
17. Tyrone Steer
18. Brock Johnson
19. Kelly Powless
20. Meena Lakshmanan
21. Ema Hazra
22. Niro Kathir
​Captain: Melissa Chetty
Coach: Cheryl Shannon

  1. Melissa Chetty
  2. Nicole Perneroski
  3. Ayn Cooney
  4. Jayne Fleming
  5. Tim Sim
  6. Don Kenney
  7. John Chick
  8. Amy Packwood
  9. Andre Chin
​10. Alexander Fratarcangeli
11. Kaitlyn Pannunzio
12. Jason McCullough
​13. Tirath Sandhu
​14. Leslie-Ann Ferguson
15. Julia Bosa
​16. Andre Chin
17. Farrah Houran
 Team Members (2014) - GLP

 Team Members (2015) - GLP
​Captain: Tashana Hinds
Coach: Peter Polyzotis

  1. Maria Victoria Ojeda
  2. Tashana Hinds
  3. Jen Ng
  4. Jenn Tesluk
  5. Evelyn Ocampo
  6. Lindsay Docherty
  7. John Paul Ward
  8. Katherine Richards
  9. Olivia Hunt
10. Nelisha Andrews
11. Sev Derghazarian
12. Dan Andrews
13. Raffi Der Ghazarian
14. Mildred Gordillo-Mullings
15. Donna Hinds
16. Cynthia Alcantara
17. Esther Jeyaveeran
18. Tony Hinds
19. Winnie Ko
20. Joseph Hinds
21. Elaine Yin Ling Chan
22. Althea Williams
23. Ronald Chan
 Team Members (2014) - 222
Team members from last year (2016):

Coach: Tim MacFarlane 
Guest Coach Canada Day: Jim Farintosh
Captain: Baxter Cutinha

  1. Mariam Labib-Soliman (MTO)
  2. Ken Collict (MAG)
  3. Laura Mansueti (MOL)
  4. Baxter Cutinha (MGCS)
  5. Charmaine Cutinha (MCSS)
  6. Farrah Houran
  7. Julianne Dominski (MOECC)
  8. Marcelo Castro (TBS)
  9. Cailan McDougall (MCSCS)
10. Virginia Duarte Walsh
11. Megan McGrath
12. Hitesh Patel
​13. Rachel Brewer (MOHLTC)
14. Lia Brewer
15. Millie Amato
16. Nour Scandar
17. Lukasz Kurek (TBS)
18. Andy Ssutu
19. Stacey Wong
20. Andy Ssutu
​21. Glenda McBain
22. Leslie Britto
23. Maghna Chaurasia