This special team is for women who want some extra 500m races (one per day) at the GWN Challenge in the women's division. This is not a conflict for, and is mainly intended for, women who are also on mixed gender teams at this same event.

Regattas (1):  GWN Challenge, weekend of Sept 9-10, 2017 at Marilyn Bell Park, Toronto.

Practices (1): There will be one planned practice together prior to the event so we come together as a team and get to know each other, practice our race plan, and give the coach a chance to arrange a seating plan.  Paddlers are expected to be practicing with their regular team prior to this event. We'll collectively vote on practice date(s) around the end of July.

​Registration fee: $35​.  It includes one practice at Balmy Beach, and the two races.
 1. Tracy Watkins  (OPS Two Twenty Two)
 2. Judi Bonner    (Pink Crusaders / One Gorgeous Boat)
January 29th Update:  Registration of interest to join this team is now open for 2017.  The actual team will not be announch until Friday August 18th, 2017, when we will select the strongest balanced boat from thos who register here with their interest to join the team.  As a result, no collection of fees will take place until late August.  This website will display the names of those who register their interest, and then in late August be changed to list those selected for the team.  This is not an easy task but it gives those selected the experience of racing with a balanced strong crew.  It is not just who is strong! It is that but also filling positions on the boat front to back and left to right in a balanced manner.  Positive minded and team players.  Don't worry m- sign up! 

Team captains will be announced on Friday September 1st, and they will be chosen by secret ballot by all selected members.  We will also have a dedicated experienced drummer for all races.  We want this to be a well planned women's collective team.

Estimated TIMELINE:
 - August 18th - Expressions of interest closed (>> 25 people had registered by this date in 2016).
 - August 25th - E-mails will be sent to the initial 22 paddlers selected for the team.
 - August 28th - Official team announced via this page (those who accept).  Payments now accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Tim MacFarlane at Tim@RustyDragons.ca or call 647-971-7332.
 2017 Interested Paddlers
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 1. Adria Krantz (Jacksonville DB Flash- Saturday only
 2. Atia Haq (Motley Crew)
 3. Van Nguyen (Motley Crew)
 4. Linda Stewart (Rusty REDs)
 5. Masi Rezania  (Motley Crew)
 6. Zofia Seroka  (One Gorgeous Boat / Harbord Village
 7. Kathleen Faulkner  (Pink Crusaders)
 8. Lolita Uy  (Motley Crew)
 9. Wendy Auger  (Motley Crew)
10. Anitha Cyriac  (Motley Crew)
11. Janet Moen  (Pink Crusaders)
12. Patricia James  (Sight Unseen)
13. Christina Santolin  (UofT Library / Brainwaves)
 2016 Team Members (Last Year)
14. Nikki Breede (Aquaholics)
15. Tracey Jensen (OPS Diversity / OPS Guns n Roses)
16. Michelle Singh (One Gorgeous Boat / Pink Crusaders)
17. Geri Arellano-Sison (Pink Crusaders)
18. Halyna Kozar  (OPS Guns n Roses)
19. April Heighway  (Sight Unseen / OPS Guns n Roses)
20. Judi Bonner  (Pink Crusaders)
21. Reni Walker  (MTCS Oars to Discover)
22. Susan Bouza  (Rusty REDs / Sight Unseen)
23. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew)