2016 End of Season Celebration
Saturday November 12, 2016 - 6:00-8:30pm
Location: Kensington Gardens (45 Brunswick Ave, Toronto)
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We had a great season, with events in 2016 running from January through to October.  This event will celebrate each team and all our paddlers, coaches, and supporters who helped make it a great season.  It's also just an excuse to get together one final time this season as a larger group and get to know each other better.

The location is Kensington Gardens - west of Spadina and on north side of College.  See map and pictures at the bottom of this page.  It is close to both the subway (Spadina Station) or streetcar (Spadina or College).  We have rented a large room that seats up to 60 people.  It will be a pot-luck dinner with contributions from paddlers to share their favourite dishes and desserts.  We will also collect a small contribution for needed items by those not able to make a food contribution.

Please note that no alcohol is permitted at the venue.  We will instead crack open bottles of crackling grape juice to raise a cheer!  :)

Cost: $5 + Food donation to the pot-luck dinner (pay at event), OR, $15 without a food donation.  
          Pay in advance if at all possible using PayPal button or Interac e-mail transfer to "payments@rustydragons.ca".
Latest News (Nov. 15th):  The event was a great success thanks to the hard work of Lolita Uy, Anitha Cyriac, and other volunteers at the event.  See The Agenda for the evening. We presented a year-end summary report with interesting facts and figures from our season, and that report will be published here shortly.  Recognition awards were handed out to 6 people who went above and beyond in our dragon boat world!  Those award winners were: Lolita Uy, Myra Rodrigues, Mike Carsell, Nancy Martin, Jessica Walker, and Estelle McCalmont.  

There were 41 people attending, representing fourteen teams:  Motley Crew, Pink Crusaders, Harbord Village, Peachtree City Rotary, Pink Sensations, Pickering DBC, Sight Unseen, MTCS Oars to Discover, OPS Guns n Roses, OPS Diversity EANG Dragons, One Gorgeous Boat, Rusty REDs, BMO, and WOHS Spirit of Osler!

Volunteers: THANK YOU to Anitha Cyriac & Lolita Uy who helped organize the pot-luck and​ purchased other items in support of the dinner. Thanks also to Jessica Walker and May Lui for taking on the registration / welcome desk at the door.  And also thanks to others helping with setup / cleanup, including Mike CarsellNancy MartinJanelle Rose, etc.  Pictures coming soon!
Registration is now OPEN by clicking on this button.
Graphic saying: POT LUCK  -Bring your Favourite Dish!"
Registered attendees for the event, with their team affiliation (if any).  Last minute walk-ins are welcome as we wouldn't expect too many coming in this way.
Graphic: "Let's Party"
 1. Tim MacFarlane  (Rusty Dragons / Motley Crew- Meat lasagna /  Coconut tapioca cake 
 2. Nancy Martin  (Pink Crusaders) - Monetary donation
 3. Raymond Martin  (Pink Crusaders) - Monetary donation
 4. Anitha Cyriac  (Motley Crew) - Main course
 5. May Lui  (Harbord Village) - Main course & dessert
 6. Wen Wei  (Pink Crusaders) - Dessert (zhongzi)
 7. Estelle Rulton - Quinoa salad
 8. Lolita Uy  (Motley Crew) - Dessert (madeleines)
 9. Marjeiry Robinson  (Pink Sensations) - Vegetarian chow mein
10. Frances Halperin  (Pink Sensations) - Appetizer
11. Michael Warwick  (Pickering / Rusty Dragons) - Monetary donation
12. Wendy Auger  (Motley Crew) - Salad
13. Katie Hanson (Pink Crusaders) - Salad
14. Judi Bonner  (Pink Crusaders) - Hummus / crackers
15. Michael Carsell  (Motley Crew) - Monetary donation
16. Janet Moen  (Pink Crusaders- Monetary donation
17. Myra Rodrigues  (Sight Unseen) - Monetary donation
18. Estelle McCalmont  (Knot a Breast / Sight Unseen / BMO) - Maple syrup cooked ham
19. Ingrid Schurr  (Sight Unseen / BMO) - Monetary donation
20. Tam Seto  (Motley Crew) - Chicken curry
21. Theresa Seto  (Motley Crew) - Fruit drinks 
22. Kim Thomson  (Motley Crew recruit) - Plate & forks
23. Nick Stupich  (Motley Crew recruit) - Cheese
24. Sandra Derencinovic (Harbord Village / Sight Unseen) - Apple cake
25. Janelle Rose  (Motley Crew) - Main course & dessert
26. Zofia Seroka (Sight Unseen / One Gorgeous Boat) - Guacamole & hummus
27. Shalini Venkatarmaiah (MTCS Oars to Discover / OPS Guns n Roses- Monetary donation
28. Rick MacFarlane  (Are We There Yet? / Sight Unseen- Monetary donation 
29. Melanie Bissett  (OPS Diversity EANG Dragons / Spirit of Osler- Monetary donation
30. Chelsea Mohler  (Sight Unseen / One Gorgeous Boat) - Monetary donation
31. Joanne Houston  (One Gorgeous Boat / OH Premier Women) - Water / juice
32. Larry Quinlan  (Sight Unseen) - Samosas
33. John Collins  (Motley Crew) - Monetary donation
34. Albert Fong  (Rusty REDs / Sight Unseen- Monetary donation
35. Tracey Jensen  (OPS Guns n Roses- Rice salad
36. Patricia James  (Sight Unseen) - Dessert
37. Kaylor Koh  (One Gorgeous Boat) - Monetary donation
38. Edwin Huang  (Motley Crew) - Beef stew
39. David Smith  (One Gorgeous Boat / Pink Crusaders) - Strawberry rhubarb pie
40. Lele Chiu  (OPS Diversity E.A.N.G. Dragons) - 
41. Fanny Scott  (retired paddler) - Meatball pasta / chicken pasta
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Graphic: showing 3 different sized trophies.  We will be handing out some awards.
Click HERE to open up a PDF with the Agenda for the party.
Disclaimer: Food in pictures above may not represent actual food at the event... (it will be better!)   ;)
This is the entrance to the building.  This driveway connects Major Street (behind camera) and Brunswick Ave (in distance).  It is the second driveway north of College Street.
Pictures of the large room we have to ourselves for this event, and the very nice audio / visual setup.  There are table and chairs for up to 60 people.