Spirit Challenge Division
The Rusty Dragons created this division at the DDRA (OPS) Canada Day Regatta and sponsors all qualifying teams (both practices and regatta fees).  These teams are the direct "charity" that we support as a Club in many ways.  The teams are for community members with developmental disabilities.  Almost all Rusty Dragons teams have registration fees that include a $5 donation to this initiative, with the Rusty Dragons Club making up the difference.  In addition, Rusty Dragons provides full planning support for the teams from start to finish, including volunteers.
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This initiative would not have been possible with the support of the Spirit of Life (SOL) organization.  Anny Chow (founder of that organization) came to Tim a few years ago and together we developed this opportunity to replace the one that was lost at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival years earlier (lost sponsorship).

Spirit Challenge teams race in only one 200m race in the middle of the day (just prior to the Community Division 500m finals).  If your team qualifies and would like to race in this event, please contact Tim as noted below.

Tim MacFarlane - Tim@RustyDragons.ca - phone: 647-971-7332
Latest News (March 2): 

This page is under construction.  We will be posting more information here soon on the participating teams and their organizations.  We'll also provide more information on race day itself.

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