Puerto Rico Dragon Boat Festival
Racing: Saturday January 31, 2015, on Lake Las Vegas. Races are 500m in "small boats" (3 races).
Cost: $30 per person(CAD or USD).

This special trip was arranged in coordination with other separate clubs / groups making the trip.  Lana Walther (Arizona Dragon Riders), Coby Crowley (Colorado Flying Dragons), Estelle McCalmont (Heat), and the Rusty Dragons (Tim MacFarlane).  This event is using "small boats" or 10-paddler dragon boats, and all teams will race in three 500m races.  We also raced in a 100m bonus race at the end of the day.

While we didn't win medals, we came very close with every team (4 teams in total). This included the Dragon Riders, Dragon Riders Twin, Arizona Divas, and Rusty Dragons.
Latest News (Feb. 4th):  We had a great time racing on Lagos Cerillos in the mountains, as well as touring the Puerto Rican towns of San Juan, Ponce, Fajardo, and Arecibo. Our races were in "small boats" (10-person dragon boats) in the Open Division. The other teams were men's teams and we were a mixed team. Yet we came in 4th of 5 teams and not that far behind them.  Our team was comprised of members from the Arizona Dragon Riders, Colorado Flying Dragons, DC over 40, and some others that joined our bonus 100m sprint men's race at the end of the day.  Results and pictures coming soon.

A link to our 500m Rusty Dragons open final video taken with our GoPro camera is HERE.
​  1. Tim MacFarlane (Rusty Dragons / Balmy Beach BPS - Toronto, ON)
  2. Coby Crowley (Colorado Flying Dragons - Colorado, CO)
  3. Peter Funnell (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  4. Veronica Bizon (Rogue Warriors / Arizona Divas - Long Beach, CA)
  5. Michelle Buan Vega (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  6. Tamra Dereemer (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  7. Eddie Lopez  (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  8. Andrew Feitlinger (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  8. Dan Haggermuller (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
  9. Jennifer Yohe (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
10. Rita Tamez (Arizona Dragon Riders - Phoenix, AZ)
11. Phan (DC/40 - Washington, DC)
12. Manny
13. Marty (DC/40 - Washington, DC)
14. Carlos (our awesome festival steer)
 Team Members...

Click HERE to access the official festival website.
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