Sunday July 1, 2018 on Toronto's Centre Island.

Part of the one of the world's longest running mixed regattas, involving canoe clubs and rowing clubs since 1884, with dragon boats added in 2003.  The event is run by the Dominion Day Regatta Association (DDRA), for which Tim MacFarlane is the Dragon Boat Coordinator and general committee member since 2007.  The Rusty Dragons are proud to help run the dragon boat portrion of this special event, and welcome any team to attend this event.  The event is limited to 18 teams due to the canoe, kayak, and rowing races also on the race card.  Any teams are welcome to register for this event, not just OPS teams.  It is a small recreational regatta located on scenic Toronto Islands on a very special day, Canada Day.  Join us for this special event!  There is lots of BLING up for grabs...
Latest News (January 8, 2018):   We will be launching a brand new website within a few weeks, where all of the details for 2018 will be published as well as registration opened.  There will be the standard mixed team races we call the "Community Division" where each team races in two 500m races and one 200m race.  There is also the Spirit Challenge Division for teams of paddlers with intellectual disabilities (they have two 200m races).  For men and women already on a mixed team and want more races, we hold a Women's Race (single 200m race that ends in a flower ceremony host by the Pink Crusaders breast cancer survivor team), as well as a Men's Race (100m sprint).

For more details, contact Tim MacFarlane...
 - E-mail: Tim@RustyDragons.ca
 - Mobile: 647-971-7332