Collective team racing at the 2015 Canada Day Regatta
Practices (none): This is a collective team of paddlers from other teams who want to race on Canada Day.
Coach: Jim Farintosh, Co-Captains: Joanne Houston, Tim MacFarlane

This team is open to ANYONE.  The purpose of the team is to allow paddlers to race on Canada Day who would not otherwise get the chance as their own team is not coming to this regatta.  This is especially for teams who would have recently raced at the Canadian Championships or the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival. This unique event is part of one of the oldest mixed regattas in the world. We welcome paddlers to join us from any team in Toronto, Hamilton, Pickering, or even some of our remote friends from Denver, Phoenix, and L.A. Area. We expect this team may live up to it's name based on the experience level of those registering.  If YOU want to have some fun and take a run at the championship experience, register now and help spread the word.

Questions? contact or phone (647-971-7332).
Practices (none): This is a collective team with no practices.  Paddlers are expected to be training with other crews who are not already going to the DDRA Canada Day regatta.

Regatta:  DDRA Canada Day Regatta - Wednesday July 1st at Toronto's Centre Island.

Cost:  $48 per person  

Check our Payments page for more options. Online banking Interac e-mail transfer is recommended or cheque. We greatly appreciate early payment as we have up-front costs such as the regatta fee.

Note that $5 from this fee is a charity donation towards the Spirit Challenge teams at the DDRA (OPS) Canada Day Regatta.  These teams are supported by the Rusty Dragons and are for paddlers with developmental disabilities.
Latest News (June 25):  There are just 2 spots left on the team!  Registration is open for this annual Canada Day collective team.  This team came from behind to win the "A" Division last year in a very close race with the OPS Diversity EANG Dragons. The registration fee is $48, of which $5 is a donation in support of the Spirit Challenge division teams at the Canada Day regatta (for paddlers with developmental disabilities).  Join this team and experience paddling with a great group of paddlers from a wide range of backgrounds.
Coach: Jim Farintosh

  1. Taras Kuzminski
  2. Ingrid Schurr
  3. Kelly Ziger
  4. Anitha Cyriac
  5. Janelle Rose 
  6. Janice Lambrakos
  7. Joanne Houston

  8. Patricia James
  9. Tim MacFarlane  
10. Margaret Chui
11. William Chui
12. Rosalind Sellar
13. Margareth Lobo
14. Estelle McCalmont
15. Celine Fournier
 Team Members
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16. Rama Gilverson
17. Fanny Tran
18. Chelsea Mohler
19. Kelly Bishop
20. Glenn Edwards

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