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For the dragon boat racing programs that include practices, note that our practice site is located beside Ashbridges Bay at the Balmy Beach Canoe Club (Beaches Lions Club building).   The site is easy to reach by car or public transit and is located near the intersection of Lakeshore Boulevard and Coxwell Avenue, Toronto.  From the South-West corner of this intersection you can see the dragon boats docked as you look south over the water.
Practice Site Information
For programs that include practices
Latest News:  See your team pages for the specific dates and times of your practices.  Please ensure you arrive well in advance of the start of your practice in order to have time to park and walk the short walk to the docks.  During the summer the area near Ashbridges Bay can get congested in the evening when beach volleyball teams start their practices and leagues.  Normally, you want to be at the docks 15 minutes before practice so you can get your life jacket and paddle, as well as get pre-practice instructions from your coach and/or team captain.  Public transit also works well!

Driving Directions
By car from the west, drive east along Lakeshore Blvd East until you get to the intersection of Coxwell Ave (which ends at Lakeshore).  Coxwell turns into Ashbridges Bay Park Road south of Lake Shore Blvd East.   Turn south on Ashbridges Bay Park Road and follow the winding road (keeping right) until the large parking lot (see map below).   Park your car, get a "Pay & Display" ticket from the meter, then walk back along the road you came a few hundred feet to the entrance of the Lions Club/ Balmy Beach property.  To the right of the vehicle entrance you will see a pedestrian gate.  Walk through that gate and straight to the water behind the Lions Club building.  The other buildings to the left are not part of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club.  Go down to the dragon boat docks and meet the team by the picnic tables.   Car-pooling will also be arranged.

Public Transit
Take the subway to Woodbine and then take Bus 92 to Ashbridges Bay, or, take the Queen St. the 501 Queen eastbound, and exit at the Coxwell Ave. stop and then walk south to the Balmy Beach Canoe Club.

Please note that the parking lot is NOT FREE on weekdays from 5-8pm.  You must buy a Pay-and-Display ticket from the meter.  The cost is 75 cents per 30 minutes, or $2.25 or $3.00 in change depending on how early and late you are there.  Check the meter to confirm hours of operation and cost!  

Please DO NOT park in the area closest to the boat launch ramps (or any unmarked area).  This area (with long narrow marked parking spots) is reserved for vehicles with trailers and you will be ticketed every time if you park there ($110 ticket).  Cars are ticketed hourly, every night, so don't take a chance!

An alternate location is north on Coxwell.  Follow the road til it curves right to the north end of Woodbine Park as seen on the map above right.  It is also pay and display.  You may also be able to find a spot parked on the east side of Coxwell between Lakeshore and Queen (but check signs).

Click on MAP to see a satellite view of the area.
Our primary practice site at Ashbridge's Bay...
Satellite map with parking location noted...