KayakPro Dragon Boat Ergometer
Purchased November 2012
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The Rusty Dragons now have a new state-of-the-art KayakPro Egometer (Dragon boat model) that is great for winter training (and throughout the season). The on-board computer can be used to display stroke rates, calculate work effort, distance traveled, etc along with a timer that can be set many ways.  

We are also looking to buy a dragon boat (have access to one for sale) but are looking for a home for it. There are a few potential sites in discussion, but real estate is rare and we'll have to be patient! The goal is to have control of a site where we can set the best possible schedule for paddlers, teams, and coaches at a fair rate. The goal is to share with other teams interested to keep the costs down.
Latest News (Nov.19):  The purchase of the specialized dragon boat ergometer will allow those interested to get some effective off-season training.   This is also a great tool for those interested in starting to learn dragon boat paddling.  An announcement will be made in December regarding a simple program for a limited number of individuals to train in January through to mid-April.  If interested in more information, please contact Tim@RustyDragons.ca.  This will NOT be a for-profit initiative, but rather an opportunity to support paddlers getting a head start on their season.  This machine does an excellent job of mimicking the resistance of the water in a moving dragon boat.  You will be able to see your progress each week.
KayakPro model D1-M