2019 Pan Am CCC in Tobago
Racing: March 22-24, 2018, at North Beach, Pigeon Point, Tobago.  This is the 4th Pan American Club Crew Championships, which is a small boat (10-paddler) competition over standard 2000m, 500m, and 200m distances.  The full event runs March 19th to 24th, and includes practices and the opening and closing ceremonies.

Team: Senior "B" Women's crew, for those who turn 50 (or older) anytime in 2019.  This decision to run a women's team only was made October 25th based on the make-up of seriously interested paddlers.  
October 25th Update:  

Planning for this trip continues, with a conference call last week among interested paddlers, and more e-mails recently with updates.  We have set a November 1st date to make the GO / NO-GO decision on this adventure.

If the GO decision is made, a $250 deposit will be required on November 1st as well as registration with Dragon Boat Canada (instructions to follow).

Shalini is organizing rooms for us all at the official Magdalena Hotel in Tobago.

WE ARE RECRUITING!!  If you are interested in joining us, please call or e-mail us ASAP.   Guests (friends, spouses, etc) are also welcome to join us.

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Registration is not yet open
 Team Members 
Team Captain / Drummer:

   Ann Forbes Arndt


 1. Rosalind Lee
 2. Shalini
 3. Ann Forbes Arndt
 4. Christine Seki
 5. Geri Arellano-Sison
 6. Anitha Leonne
 7. Shanthi Kuruvilli
Estimated Total Cost of Trip (DRAFT):  

Over the summer months, the total cost of the trip will be detailed below (per person) as we are able to confirm them.  All costs currently listed below are are tentative / draft for early reference only!

1. Dragon Boat Registration Fees:
     - First team: ~$110 USD.
     - Second team (if applicable): ~$25 USD.

2. Accommodations (double occupancy):
     - 7 nights x $120 / night / 2 = ~$430 USD.

3. Transportation (return from Toronto):
     - Toronto (YYZ) to Crown Point (TAB).
     - One stop - Port of Spain, Trinidad.
     - About $550 CAD.

4. Meals and local transportation:
     - No details are available yet on these costs.

5. Entertainment and Tourist stuff:
     - No details are available yet on options.

Team Manager:

   Tim MacFarlane

Supporters coming on the trip: