This is the top team of the Rusty Dragons.  Last year we moved to twice-a-week practices, and this year we are adding monthly video review and performance bench-marking.  More members are also working on fitness outside of on-water practices, and many are also attending indoor winter training at Afterburn Fitness.  We are moving the team to a more competitive program and mindset.  Let's make 2018 the BEST SEASON YET!

Practices: 6:40-8:10 PM, Mondays AND Thursdays, from April 30th to September 6th (38 practices). 
Coach: Peter Polyzotis,  Captains: Janelle Rose & Anitha Cyriac, 
Winter Training Coordinator: Lolita Uy,   Bench marking / video: Tim MacFarlane
We kicked it up a notch in 2017 by switching to twice-a-week practices, and in 2016 we went to the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival (the first Rusty team to do so).  In 2015 we raced in Montreal, and in 2014 at the Canadian Nationals. Our team is growing year by year with a solid core who want to work together and have fun on the water.  We are becoming a family that welcomes new paddlers and work hard for each other.  And now we want to work harder and smarter in 2018, and reap the rewards!

Meet new people, learn new skills, breathe in some fresh air, enjoy the waterfront, and get a little exercise. Don't miss our adventure this coming season with the thrill of racing and the camaraderie of our special group. Or maybe you want to proudly wear a Motley Crew jersey with some bling around your neck!

Questions?  Contact JanelleAnithaLolita, or Tim.
Practices (38): 
 * Dates: Mondays and Thursdays, April 30th to September 6th (6:40pm to 8:15pm).  ** NOTE: ALL holiday Monday practices will be held on Tuesdays at same 7-8 PM time slot.
 * Location:  Balmy Beach Canoe Club (see the Practice Site page).
 * Equipment:  Paddles and life jackets available for use at the practice site for no cost.
 * Objective:  Bring our team work, focus, and effort to another level, and have FUN being competitive!

Regattas (4):
 * Port Perry (one hour from Toronto, north of Oshawa): June 16 at Palmer Park.  An early regatta to help us prepare for the Canada Day Regatta.  
 * DDRA (OPS) Canada Day Regatta: July 1st on Island - Canada's 151st birthday and 16th anniversary of dragon boats at this event!
 * Woodstock Rotary Club Dragon Boat Festival: Saturday August 12th at Lake Pittock Conservation Area in Woodstock.
 * GWN Dragon Boat Challenge: September 8-9th at Marilyn Bell Park in Toronto.

Cost:  $559  ($308 if you join after Canada Day)

Online banking Interac e-mail transfer is recommended (to:, and we don't need to know password as the payment will be auto-deposited) or cheque (to: "Rusty Dragons Adventures"). We greatly appreciate full payment as soon as possible as we have up-front costs such as regatta fees (especially for early bird savings), but can accept 50% upon registration and the remainder by April 1st.  Cheques can be mailed to Tim MacFarlane, 76 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5S 2L7.

July 11th, 2018 Update:

Motley Crew is fresh of a great performance at the Canada Day Regatta, pulling off a first place gold-medal win in the "A" Final, just seconds ahead of the other two crews nipping at their tail.  Before that, we had some solid sprint races in Port Perry back on June 16th.

The crew is now settling into a serious workout phase where we paddle longer and harder to work on endurance and power as we prepare for our next regatta.

Our next video taping is Monday July 16th.  This will be the third time (month) that we have been video taped and we look to show great improvement in our consistency as a team.

We are still recruiting TWO or THREE more paddlers for this team.  If interested, please contact Tim ASAP so you can join us.  The pro-rated fee is $308.
Coach: Peter Polyzotis

  1. Janelle Rose (co-captain)
  2. Anitha Cyriac (co-captain) 
  3. Janice Lambrakos (treasurer)
  4. Nancy Holmes
  5. Tim MacFarlane (manager)
  6. Wendy Auger
  7. Michael Carsell
  8. Atia Haq
  9. Sadi Bhangal
10. Lolita Uy
11. Collette Valliear
​12. John Collins
​13. Shivonne
14. Van Nguyen
15. Edwin Huang
16. Anto Sandrasagra
​17. Taras Kuzminski
18. Theresa Seto
19. Tam Seto
20. Laya Alibabaie
21. Leo Law
22. Susie Chan
23. Masi Rezania
 Program Details for 2018

 Team Members (2014)
Tim MacFarlane (Coach)

  1. Wendy Auger
  2. Kelly Bishop
  3. Laura Blease
  4. Siobhan Boyd
  5. Christopher Chung
  6. Lequanne Collins-Bacchus
  7. Anitha Cyriac
  8. Helen Fang
  9. Andrea Ferrier
10. Edwin Huang
11. Taras Kuzminski
12. Rick MacFarlane
​13. Valerie Mills
14. Steve Murgaski
​15. Steven Phung
16. Janelle Rose
17. Cassandra Steiner
18. Pamela Taskinen
19. Connie Tong
20. Fanny Tran
21. Paula Turco
22. Lolita Uy
23. Kelly Ziger

Coach: Mike O'Reilly

  1. Janelle Rose (co-captain)
  2. Anitha Cyriac (co-captain) 
  3. Ingrid Schurr
  4. Tim MacFarlane
  5. Kelly Ziger
  6. Lolita Uy
  7. William Chui
  8. Margaret Chui
  9. Valerie Mills
10. Kelly Bishop
11. Lori Williams
12. Wendy Auger
​13. Taras Kuzminski
14. Steve Murgaski
​15. Janice Lambrakos
16. Edwin Huang
17. Myra Rodrigues
18. Joshua Sebastian
19. Noel Miranda
​20. Maria Teresa Balassu
21. Nancy Holmes
22. Fanny Tran
23. Trevor Murphy
24. Abeer Dewan
25. Suzanne Paes
Rusty Dragons banner logo - Toronto skyline is black silhouette, with orange sky above and blue water below.

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Picture of our 200m gold medal from the 2016 GWN Dragon Boat Challenge, shown on a Motlet Crew jersey as the background.
​200m Gold at 2016 GWN Challenge
Picture of the MOtley Crew team at the June 2016 Toronto International DB Race Festival on Toronto's Centre Island.   This is first picture and use of our new jerseys!
Motley Crew at the 2016 Toronto International
Coach: Peter Polyzotis

 1. Tim MacFarlane.
 2. Janelle Rose.
 3. Anitha Cyriac.
 4. Lolita Uy.
 5. Wendy Auger.
 6. Kelly Ziger
 7. Brenda Johansen.
 8. Sandra Derencinovic.
 9. Susan Bouza.
10. Maria Dorsey.
11. Ilona Perkins.
12. Lukasz Kurek

13. Zofia Seroka.
14. April Heighway.
15. Jovelyn Ybanez. (Spring)
16. Simona Burlacu.
17. Estelle Rulton.
18. Nelson Grondin.
19. Dan Slavei. (Summer)
20. Sonny Lee.  (Summer)
21. Diane Gropp (Summer)
22. Lily Romanelli (Summer)
23. Albert Fong (guest paddler)
 Team Members (2018) Registration is still OPEN on pro-rated fee basis
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 Team Members (2015)
 Team Members (2016)
Coach: Peter Polyzotis

 1. Janelle Rose (co-captain)
 2. Anitha Cyriac (co-captain)
 3. Tim MacFarlane (manager)
 4. Michael Carsell
 5. Lolita Uy (winter training)
 6. Kelly Ziger
 7. Collette Valliear (Spring only)
 8. Wendy Auger
 9. Van Nguyen
10. Shivonne (Spring only)
11. Theresa Seto
​12. Tam Seto.
​13. Maria Dorsey.
14. Brenda Johansen
​15. Sandra Derencinovic.
16. Susan Bouza.
17. Ilona Perkins.
​18. Edwin Huang.
19. Estelle Rulton.
20. Alice Goulet.
21. Lukasz Kurek
22. Lily Romanelli
23. Davin Solek (Summer only​)

 Team Members (2017)