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This team was launched in 2012 by Alicia Williams at the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (MTCS).  The team will practice once a week in May and June and then races at the OPS Canada Day Regatta at Toronto's Centre Island where they will return for their SEVENTH year.
MTCS Oars to Discover
Practices (9): Thursdays, 7-8 PM, May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, June 7, 14, 21, 28 at Balmy Beach.
Racing: Sunday, July 1, 2018 (Centre Island) at 16th annual DDRA (OPS) Canada Day Regatta.
Coach: Natalie Wong

Coach: Natalie Wong

 1. John Furniotis
 2. Jamelia Williams
 3. Nathania Putri
 4. Nuhaad Abbas
 5. Mubina Shaikh
 6. Meagan Brooks
 7. Michelle Jennings
 8. Stephanie McLean
 9. Samantha Hollands
10. Sherry Bagnato
11. Reni Walker

March 25th Update:  
Registration is now closed as the team has reached capacity of 23 paddlers!  We are now preparing registered paddlers for the first practice on May 3rd.  Our 7th amazing season is starting soon and we can't wait!

We are very happy that coach Natalie Wong is returning to coach the team for a second season!!  

NEW in 2018: The team will receive once-a-month video review, where quality video is taken out on the water for later review by both the coach and all paddlers.  This is a great tool to becoming a better paddler. 

The registration fee is $160 for this program
12. Jennifer Pountney
13. Denise Gregg
14. Faizel Bhabha
15. Lauren Cannon
16. Shanthi Kuruvilla
17. Alice Lilwall
18. Rebecca Newton
19. Carlo Castaneda
20. Mariam Labib-Soliman
21. Carrie Brodi
22. France Ewing
 2018 Team Members
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Your payment options for registration fee are as follows (we appreciate payments as quickly as possible as we have payments to be made soon for coaching, practice site, and the regatta):

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2) Online via PayPal (secure credit card payment).  Click "Buy This" button below.  A $3 PayPal service charge will be added for this type of transaction.

3) Cheque can be written to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" and mailed to: Rusty Dragons, 76 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON, M5S 2L7.

4) Cash in person (contact Tim to arrange).

All payments will be acknowledged by e-mail as your receipt.

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Team Pictures from previous years...
2013 Team

Alicia Williams (c) 
John Furniotis
Daphne Dufour
Eric DeCou
Catherine Lee Blackbourn
Michelle Jones
Cassandra Steiner
Michelle King
William Snowball
Denelle Balfour
Dawn Landry
Jessie Oger
Olivia Blanchette (c)
Alissa Bortolus
Olivia Lam
Jennifer Pountney
Sarah Gibbs
Lindsay Petrus​
Sarah Harris
Jérôme Laflamme
Michelle Consul
Peter Dudka
Lolita Uy

PAYMENT: See the information under the pictures below for payment options.
Registration is now OPEN!!
2014 Team

Jen Pountney (c)
Julian Wong
Cathy Blackbourn
Helen Fang
James Lynn
Stefanie Folgado
Bernard Abarquez
Sandra Dimini
Ted Blackbourn
Myra Rodrigues
Anna Syed
Misha Boutilier
Heather Meeking
Veronica Ha
Suzanne King
​Michelle Hedges
Tracy Watkins
Ghen Racadio
Jennifer Young
Sue Wong
James Wong
Joe Saad
Krista Marie Ralph
Rusty Dragons banner logo - Toronto skyline is black silhouette, with orange sky above and blue water below.

2015 Team 

Jen Pountney (c)
Zara Rasquinha
Kathy Rampersad
Krista Ralph
Jennifer Dewar
Rajesh Khullar
Veronica Ha
Daniel Kim
Tim Hilliard
Melissa Punambolam
Pat Walker
​Andrew Ralph
Sarah Bangal
Melody Jahanzadeh
Sandra Dimini
Katie Batrie
Alissa Bortolus
Elaine Frank
Jiong Wu
Alex La Gamba
Nelsha Haji

 Team Members from Previous Years
2012 Team

Alicia Williams (c)
Natalie Papoutsis
John Furniotis
Michelle Consul
William Snowball
Olivia Blanchette
Bryan Hill
Sarah Cossette
Wai Kok
Melissa Chetty
Jennifer Pountney
Lindsay Petrus
Andrea Williams
Jake Moore
Tamara Gates
Justine Anbeek
Jack Maguire
Sarah Sklash
Olivia Lam
Shipra Sethi
Remi Tanimola
Penny Young
Daphne Dufour
Anna Syed-Meer
2016 Team 

​Jennifer Pountney (c)
John Furniotis
Alex Tak Shing Tran
Nuhaad Abbas
Krista Ralph
Eva Silva
Kelly MacDonald
Tanya Allen
Mark York
Shalini Venkataramaiah
Svetlana Volkova
Jennifer Dewar
Veronica Pochmursky
Wendy Erickson 
Andeen Drayton
Danielle Millar
Mary Wing
Farrah Ali-Khan
Michelle Consul
Duri Song
Michelle Simpson
Stephanie McLean

Coach: Natalie Wong

 1. Rebecca Newton.
 2. Denise Gregg.
 3. Shalini V..
 4. Jessica Wakeman
 5. Reni Walker.
 6. Tarynn Parry
 7. Elizabeth Pearce
 8. Deborah Moore.
 9. Lisa Wadsworth.
10. Mariam Labib-Soliman
11. Leigh Anne Jacques

12. B.A..
13. Yayi Huang
14. Jen Jayakar.
15. Faizel Bhabha.
16. Leigh-Ann Tonon
17. Edwin Huang.
18. Shenil Esmail
19. Sarah Lappano
20. Marcelo Castro
22. Meghna Chaurasia
23. Nabiha Islam.
23. Stephanie Breen.
24. Nuhaad Abbas

 2017 Team Members  (see older teams at bottom)