Practices (9): Sundays, on water 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (1.5 hours), starting Sunday, July 15h.
Regattas (1): Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival, Saturday, September 15th.  
Coach: Tim MacFarlane,   Steer: Kaylor Koh,  Co-Captains: Dana Quinn & Vanessa Vanelli
Cost: $179 per person
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!   This is the first year for this post Canada Day practice program!   This team was created as the original post Canada Day team OPS Guns n Roses reached capacity, and we wanted to make sure options were available to anyone interested in joining a team in another time slot. The use of this name has been in the works since Rusty Dragons founder Tim traveled to Sedona, Arizona and loved the land and the lore behind this mythical creature.  Do some research!

No experience is necessary. ANYONE can participate in this sport, even if you have never been part of a team sport before. You will be surprised!  This is why the sport is the fastest growing and most-inclusive sport in the world.  Here is your opportunity to do something different, so sign up NOW and make it happen!

Questions:  Contact Tim MacFarlane - Tim@RustyDragons.ca - phone: 647-971-7332
Latest News (July 16th):  Registration is still open as we continue to recruit for this new summer team.  This team's schedule is not in confict with any other Rusty Dragons team, and as a result we expect some of them to also join this team.  Whether you are new to the sport, are on a team that ends on Canada Day, or want to be on this 2nd summer team, sign up now for this new opportunity.

Register now using the purple Registration button below.

Payment of the $179 registration fee is appreciated as soon as possible after registering.  It can be done any number of ways, including...
 - Interac e-mail transfer to Payments@RustyDragons.ca (auto deposits - don't need to know password)
 - Cheque to "Rusty Dragons Adventures" - mailed or delivered in person.
 - Cash in person.
 - Credit / Debit card in person (chip and pin, or swipe).

Contact Tim@RustyDragons.ca or call 647-971-7332 for questions or to make payment arrangements.
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1. Dana Quinn (C)
2. Heather Shepherd.
3. Shalini
4. Filip Burlacu
5. Anwesha Sen
6. Diana Gramola
7. Ganesh Akula
 Team Members

 8. Vanessa Vanelli. (C)
 9. Kenji Ferguson
10. Babar 

Image of the Kokopelli creature playing a flute, with orange sky and setting sun and desert in the background.
Black solid image of the Kokopelli creature playing a flute, with orange sky and setting sun in the background.
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