Sunday July 1, 2018 (Canada's 151st birthday) on Toronto Island

Welcoming all dragon boat teams from across the province.  This event is part of one of the oldest mixed sport regattas in the world, involving canoe clubs and rowing clubs since 1884, and then dragon boats added in 2003 as the third sport.  The event is run by the Dominion Day Regatta Association (DDRA), for which Tim MacFarlane is the Dragon Boat Coordinator and general committee member since 2007.  Ontario Public Service (OPS) employees have volunteered to coordinate the dragon boat portion of this event since the start, hence the reference to being the unofficial OPS Canada Day Regatta (Tim works for the OPS). Rusty Dragons Adventures Inc are now officially the producers of the dragon boat portion of this event, which is limited to 18 teams due to the canoe, kayak, and rowing races also on the race card.  This is a small recreational regatta located on scenic Toronto Islands on Canada Day.
 > Date:  Sunday July 1st (Canada Day).  The day starts at about 8:00am and ends about 5:00pm.
 > Location:  Allan A. Lamport Regatta Course on Toronto's Centre Island (Centre Island ferry).
 > Objective:  Experience the thrill of racing other crews and having FUN with fellow paddlers, family and friends!

Contact for team managers / coaches / captains: 
 > Tim MacFarlane, E-mail - Tim@RustyDragons.ca, cell - 647-971-7332
Latest News (January 18, 2018):  Planning for the 2018 event has started.  We introduced new components to the 2017 event that will be expanded upon and improved for 2018.  The event will return to the Toronto Islands in 2018 (was moved to Welland in 2017 due to flooding on the Island).

But first, congratulations to all 19 teams participating on Canada's 150th birthday.  Full race results for 2017 are HERE.  This included...
 > Mixed Division: 10 teams  (A gold = SNCC Warlocks, A Silver = OPS Diversity EANG Dragons, A bronze = East West Dragons, B Gold = One Gorgeous Boat)
 > Women's (200m) Division: 5 teams  (included breast cancer survivor Flower Ceremony hosted by the Pink Crusaders)
 > Spirit Challenge (250m) Division: 2 teams  (held two weeks later at Balmy Beach as trevel to Welland was difficult for this large group)
 > Men's (100m) Division: 2 teams

For any information on this event, please contact Tim@RustyDragons.ca for details.  The team fees for 2018 are as follows:
 > $950 per team for Community Division (two 500m races and one 200m race).
 > $295 per team for Women's Sprint Race (one 200m sprint race) - for charity.  Includes Flower Ceremony.
 > $295 per team for Men's Sprint Race (one 100m sprint race) - for charity.
 > $195 per team for the Spirit Challenge Division (new: TWO 200m races).  Teams for paddlers with developmental disabilities.

RECAP of what was NEW in 2017:
 - The addition of a women's 200m sprint race (hosted by the Pink Crusaders breast cancer survivor team), followed by a Flower Ceremony.
 - The addition of a men's 100m sprint race (also raising money for charity).
 - The event will help raise awareness and funds for the Pink Crusaders breast cancer survivor team (some of whom will race in Italy in 2018).
 - Anniversary souvenir event T-shirts will be sold to promote event and raise money for the charity.
 - Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) Keisha and Allison will be onsite providing 10 minutes massages, taking donations towards charity.
OPS Civil Dragons (2003 / 2011 Champs)
OPS Diversity EANG (2016 Champions)
MTCS Oars to Discover (2013 Champions)
Motley Crew (2009 & 2012 Champions)
OPS Great Lake Paddlers
OPS Two Twenty Two
Harbord Village
York Quay Dragons
Barracudas (2014 & 2015 Champions)
One Gorgeous Boat (2017 B Division Champions)
Rise Up and Paddle!
NG Dragons / Community Wave
Rusty REDs (Senior team)
Sight Unseen (blind / partially sighted team)
Team Dangerous (2005 Champions)
Outer Harbour Dragons (2010 Champions)
Lively Dragon Hodge Podge Crew
Auto Pilots (D.H. Carter Architects)
Combo Squad (Lively Dragon)
OPS Fire Dragons (Office of Fire Marshal)
East West Dragons (Lively Dragons and friends)
East West Women (Women's team)
 Previously Registered Teams (2003-2017) - Teams in BLUE were most recent teams who were registered in 2017
 Event Details...
​(c) 2018 - Rusty Dragons Adventures Inc.
Logo for the Dominion Day Regatta Association (DDRA) - It is a crossed oar and paddle with a maple leaf in the middle with the year 1884 on leaf.  The tag line is "The oldest and largest combined Rowing and Paddling regatta, Since 1884".
Rusty Dragons banner logo - Toronto skyline is black silhouette, with orange sky above and blue water below.

OPS Dragonflies
Pink Crusaders (breast cancer survivor team)
UofT - Library of Conquest
Spirited Away - Spirit Challenge (SC)
The Dukes (2014-2015 SC Champions)
Elections Ontario (2004 Champions)
Transport Canada
OPS Jade Dragons
OPS Green Dragons
Huron Swift Scales (Parents and Kids)
Are We There Yet? (Parents and Kids)
OPS Red Dragons
OPS Blue  Dragons
OPS Purple Dragons
Kraken Krew  (Parents and Kids)
OH Jade Dragons (2006 / 2007 Champions)
Diversity Dragons (2008 Champions)
Tough on the Water
GBAH (Balmy Beach Canoe Club)
OPS.PDB Collective
SNCC Warlocks (2017 Champions)
Wildflowers (Women's team)    
Canada 150 coin picture from Canadian Mint.  There will be random draws to give away 4 of these silver coins at the regatta
Canada 150 coin picture from Canadian Mint.  There will be random draws to give away 4 of these silver coins at the regatta